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The world of Movie Making

On Tuesday the 18th of September I was introduced to the world of movie making on the set of a new hot series on DStv called “Lagos Vibes”. I was an extra there and I had so much fun. If you thought that being an actor or an actress is easy, think again because you will have to repeat your lines and actions until the director is satisfied, in a nutshell it’s a job like any other. The toughest attribute about acting is that you have to be absolutely convincing, they should not be a show of doubt in a viewer’s mind when watching the series, or movie. I met a couple of interesting people, like accomplished actor Anthony Oseyemi, that is one hell of a good looking guy and to top it all he is funny and likes to read. I also met Fabian Lojede who is also an accomplished actor , if you do not know him, he is Jacob’s nemesis Bola in Jacob’s Cross. I truly respect actors because they have to work hard to be convincing and deliver the best entertainment. I can’t wait for “Lagos Vibes” to hit our screens because it’s an interesting series and partly because I appear in it as well *Wink*.


Finally it is happening, my life has changed fo the better and it looks likes I am going to have a very busy year ahead. I have passed and that is just the beginning of major things. Everything that I have planned before and never got around to doing it, is going to be done in 2013. They say “time wasted is never regained” andthis is true I have learnt the hard way, but I am grateful because in that time when everything was stagnant, I got to find myself and started looking at thing realistically. I know I am destined for great things and no this is not a cliche, it’s the truth. Watch out world

It’s been quite a while since anyone has brought me 2 tears and by that I don’t mean a useless boyfriend or a fake friend. You see yersterday I had the priviledge of meeting the most inspirational people I have ever met. They are not inspirational because the have got a lot of money, or drive flashy cars or are well educated. They inspired me because they literally have nothing and most of them never finished school, in fact they are homeless and they live in the streets of Hillbrow. I met a boy called Jody who has high hopes for his future and has been homeless since his mother passed away three years ago. Despite the fac that he is homeless and hasn’t been in touch with his siblings, he is still determined to further his education and he has been very active in trying to achieve this goal because he has contacted social workers to help him. Jody awakened something in me, he awakened the need and the desire to help someone in need in whatever way I can. His attitude towards life prompted me to use my voice and scream out loud until someone listens and and help in resolving the issues that leave a lot of youth vulnerable. I will tell u about my other inspiration next time. For now I leave you with this, ponder on it and let me know what you think we should do to help the troubled youth, after all they are our future.

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