Style Fashion Week: A Huge Success Story

┬áStyle Fashion Week was initiated in order to help young designers enter the fashion industry and get some form of experience as far as showcasing is concerned. From the day Style Fashion Week was formed, it promised to bring about the best kind of entertainment and the best designers. From the feedback we got fromContinue reading “Style Fashion Week: A Huge Success Story”

Fashion Kapitol: Heritage Day Celebrations

Fashion show to fashion show, this is what my life has turned to. Fashion Kapitol hosted a fashion show on the 28th of September in honour of heritage day. The event kicked off with a dance from the Zamashenge Zulu Cultural Dancers who wowed the crowd with their dance. The designers who showcased were Vuyani,Continue reading “Fashion Kapitol: Heritage Day Celebrations”

Str Crd 2013

As of late I have decided to embrace my artistic and crazy side and that is why I have been attending all these. Nowadays I am all things fashion, music and art. On the 28th of September a friend and I took to Constitutional Hill in Hillbrow to attend Str Crd 2013 and I mustContinue reading “Str Crd 2013”