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In Her mind: My dream relationship

So I had to go back and Repost this thanx to my best friend who reminded me of this post

Afrikan Princess

So I haven’t written anything in a while, that’s not to say that I have nothing to write about. It just means that i have been extremely busy. A lot has happened during the past months. I got a job, I study and I have some projects that I am working on. I got a lot on my mind. I find myself doubting that one person I should be believing and that is simply because he doesn’t give much to believe in. How can you believe someone who carries on like they don’t care about what you think and what you feel?

Like seriously……………. If I am meant to believe you then you gotta make me believe you and believe in u. What’s the point of a relationship? because clearly I seem to have missed it or I do not know it at all. I just realised that I know…

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RVK Fashion Week Designer Profile: Amira Selimangy



Q: Who is Amira?
A: Amira is a Young Designer from Mozambique


Q: When did you discover your love for fashion?
A: I’ve always been interested in arts in general and used to draw/paint since I was a little kid. But in 2010 I started drawing dresses and then sketching prom dresses for clients which ended up landing me my first fashion show in 2011.


Q: What should we expect to see at RVK Fashion Week?
A: My latest collection which is boho chic inspired with lots of flowy skirts/dresses, ethnic peaces, exquisite details, all very trendy and with a modern twist.


Q: What is your personal vision?
A: “Aspire to inspire before you expire”

Q: What is your vision for the African youth and fashion?
A: Africa is the future! Such an inspiring continent and we are we truly blessed to have such different cultures . The African designers just keep getting better and better, I believe we will be the center of the world in years for now.



Q: Where do you see your brand in 5 years?
A: Hopefully I would have graduated in fashion design, opened my own boutique and expanding my brand overseas.




Come catch Amira at RVK Fashion Week from 28 feb-2 March in Pretoria from 5pm
SEE YOU THERE.!!!!!!!!!

RVK Fashion Week Designer profile: Lourens Loux Gebhardt

Loux and his brother

image (10)
Loux is the small one
“We grew up wearing suits”he says.

image (9)

Q:Who is Loux?
A:Baptized in the name of Lourens Loux Gebhardt full Born and raised in the capital city of Namibia, Windhoek. Loux is a dynamic friendly person that loves vintage items. I am down to earth and love being creative and unique. Call me LOUX as that is my brand or call me Vintage Guru 🙂

Q:You are referred to as the Vintage guru, how did that come about?
A:It all started when I got the feel of vintage, I decided to change my style into vintage because my late-grandfather told me to always look well dressed and dandy, and I picked it up that what makes me look well elegant is wearing my vintage suits. suffice to say, my brothers and I grew up wearing suits. Our parents had that feel of always making us look well groomed, since childhood we wore suits and so my friends decided to call me the guru of vintage because of how I dress.

Q:When did you discover your love for fashion?
A:From a young age I was inspired by my late grandfather, the old man always dressed in suits and shiny shoes and he would often say “son, fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are, make sure you are always well dressed”. so I grew up loving fashion. I define my style as a Hipster, for me this just means, I get to express myself and influence other peoples fashion-sense. I call my style sophistication-punk, its a bit of a mixture. but I think style is an expression of your day to day mood it comes with in ones inner self.I fell in love with vintage pieces especially from the 1960’s, and normally will alter them to fit me and modernize them in my own way. Most to the suits I wear are actually my late Dad’s suits. I wear a hat with every outfit as well as vintage club ties because to me they are both stylish and respectful. I dress like this every day.
image (8)

image (7)

image (6)

Q: What should we expect to see at RVK Fashion Week?
A:Well I don’t want to reveal too much, all I can say is expect pieces with bright colors . These colors represents unity in the African continent, they tell a story.

Q: How did your collaboration with Khumbula come about?
A: The collaboration with Khumbula was initiated by Harness Hamese, our photographer. This collaboration is to show the fashion world that we can unite as one in the African continent. We call ourselves LIA (Love is African) and we are currently playing a big part by simply inspiring fashionistas around the African continent. We are all passionate vintage lovers who pay tribute to the legendary vintage clothing era. Love is African makes us discover our style and personality by reaching in the depths of our past for the rich cultural heritage left to us by our ancestors. We busy with projects in uplifting the fashion industry in Africa, we are also working with international non-profit organisations in countries such as United States of America. We will keep you all informed as developments unfold.

Q: Should we expect any other collaboration with other people?
A:A big YES – my aim is unity. to work together with everyone and bring change to the fashion industry in Africa.

image (5)

image (3)

Q: What is your personal vision?
A: My vision is to strive and work hard in the design industry. I want to be one of the best designers in GENTLEMAN collections in my country Namibia. I also strive to produce high-quality designs that fit into the contemporary lifestyle and that hold maximum functionality in terms of producing up market and latest fashionable suits and blazers.

Q: What is your vision for the African youth and fashion?
A: Again UNITY. We strive at working together as brothers and sisters in the African continent.

Q: Where do you see your brand in 5 years?
A: Being ‘cat-walked’ by models in international fashion weeks such as PARIS and MILAN fashion weeks as well as my designs being sold not only locally but internationally.

image (2)

image (1)

image (4)

Catch Loux at Retro Vintage Fashion Week 2014 from the 28th of Feb-2 March. you might get to talk to him
SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

RVK Fashion Week Designer Profile: Zodwa Carol Mabuya

Retro Vintage Kolektion Fashion Week will be taking place on the 28th feb-2 March 2014 in Pretoria. Carol Ngwenya hailing from Swaziland will be one of the designers showcasing.



Carol Ngwenya is the founder and director of Carol Crocs Creation.
This fashion house was established in March 2012 with the aim of
offering one of a kind clothing for the elegant women that want to
stand out from the rest. We do custom designed clothing for special
events and everyday kind of outfits. It was established by a young woman
passionate about seeing ladies being elegant,classy and stylish. Carol is based in Manzini,SWAZILAND.

Yelow dres




Nyc navy

Muhle nana waBheki

Carol discovered her love for fashion 5 years ago and she her designs are nothing else except stylish,elegance and classy. Her vision is standing out from the rest through excellence in fashion and her vision for the African youth and fashion is to see young people coming together all over the African continent to unite and celebrate their youth in fashion and sharing ideas of style. In 5 years’time she sees her brand being well known across Africa and beyond.













Although Carol is based in Swaziland, she hopes to also cater for clients in other countries in the long run.

For more details mail to

Road to Retro Vintage Kolektion Fashion Week 2014


RVK Fashion Week 2014 is the first bi-annual fashion show that will be held in Pretoria on the 28th of February 2014.Retro Vintage Kolektion Fashion Show is founded by Bongani Tambo and Esnarth Nkosi RVK Fashion Week is aimed at unearthing fresh and talented fashion designers and future leaders of the ever-changing and expanding fashion industry. RVK Fashion Week seeks to unite young, gifted, African youth through Fashion, Arts and Culture.






Talented Designers from countries like Namibia, Tanzania, Nigeria,Swaziland,Mali,Mozambique,Malawi as well as South Africa will be showcasing at this event. These designers will be showcasing their creations to well-known fashion lovers from around Europe, who frequently attend prestigious fashion events around the world. The project manager of Africa Fashion Festival from Ghana is also set to be attending.


images (2)




Fashion designers to showcase include:
Loux from Namibia
Suzanna from Tanzania
Alexio from Malawi
Kamol from Nigeria
Manjo from Mali
Carol from Swaziland
Retro vintage kolektion from South Africa
And 7 other Gauteng best young designers

Not only are the fashion designers from different countries, the models come from Germany, Namibia, Taiwan, Korea, Tanzania and South Africa. There will also be performance from different artists.





Event Details
Event: RVK Fashion Week
Venue: Old Parliament Chamber of South Africa(church square)church street and Paul Kruger street.
Date: 28th February – 2 March 2014
Time: 17:00 – 21:00
Entrance Fee: R100 Standard, VIP R200 Premium “tickets” (valid for all 3 days).

The fashion show will start at 17:00 with an hour dedicated to interviews with guests prior to the fashion showcasing. The three hour long fashion show will then commence at 18:00 until 21:00 for all three days, with three 15 Minute breaks and performances in between.




Contact Details:
Bongani Tambo :(+27744941983)
Esnarth Nkosi :0744331106

For more information
Twitter : @retrovintage2
Facebook : Website:

Photo Credits:
Harness Hamese for Khumbula
Bongani Tambo


FOLS Sportswear: Mfundo Xiniwe talks about the Love for Sports (FOLS)

FOLS Sportswear™ is an urban sportswear brand co-founded by Tshepo Mhlatuzana,Andile Zulu and Mfundo Xiniwe. I interviewed one of the founders Mfundo Xiniwe
Mfundo Xiniwe

Q. How did FOLS Sportswear come about?
A: FOLS Sportswear came about as a reaction to the love of sport this was heighted by the euphoria that was in the country as a result of the 2010 football World Cup. As 3 guys who shared a mutual understanding of business and sports got together with a realisation that there was no tangible symbol that represents the love South African have for sports. Upon further consultation with many people we came up with FOLS (short for FOr the Love of Sport) Sportswear.

Q: What does FOLS aim to achieve?
A: FOLS Sportswear’s vision is to be the number 1 sportswear brand. We aim to achieve this by firstly sticking to the 3 pillars of FOLS Sportswear which are: Comfort (we make and will continue to make apparel that people feel comfortable whenever they wear FOLS Sportswear), Style (our apparel are highly focussed on design) and Quality (our apparel goes through strict quality checks in order to deliver optimum quality garments). With these 3 pillars we feel that they place us in position for achieving our ambition of being the best South African sportswear brand. FOLS Sportswear is a brand is a representation of the love that as South Africans we have for sports so when people buy our apparel they buying far more than a clothing item but their symbol of love. No South
African must die not having owned at least one FOLS Sportswear


Vests and a T-Shirt

Q:What sort of products does FOLS offer?
A: We are currently offering urban sportswear and sports kits. Urban sportswear is basically sportswear that can be casually wore rather than active sportswear. We also have a range that is dedicated towards a skateboarding called FOLS SK8. For young one we offer a range FOLS Baby.

Q:How can one get access to the FOLS Sportswear products?
A: Currently we sell through our Facebook page and Twitter account @FOLS_Sportswear. We are in negotiation with a couple of independent shops in the Gauteng range by liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter we will soon be announcing shops where FOLS apparel will be available for our winter. For our summer range we will have another big announcement on where our apparel will be available.

unnamed (1)


Q: Does FOLS as a brand aim to compete with big sportswear brands like Nike and the likes?
A: Yes ultimately we will compete with them purely because we are in the same market. We are still quite a long way from that and it is not our focus at the moment. Providing apparel that is comfortable, stylish and off premium quality to all our customers is our biggest priority right now and it will remain like that for a long way to come.

Q:I think sports clothes cost more than your normal clothes, how does FOLS aim to deal with issue of affordability?
A: We are a South African sportswear brand, owned by South Africans and that aims to be the best sportswear brand in South Africa. With this said we perfectly understand the economic nature of South Africa and our brand is not targeted towards a select few rather for everyone. So we have to always keep the fact that our clothing needs to be affordable by always ensuring that our input costs are minimal in order to be able to sell clothing that is affordable to the average South African.


Some of the FOLS products

Q: Should we expect big teams to be wearing FOLS?
A: In the next 10 years we aim to be sponsoring all of South Africa’s major sporting codes being; Football, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey and Netball.

Q: What makes FOLS unique?
A: FOLS Sportswear is not just another sportswear brand that sells sports apparel. We represent the love that South African’s have for sports. So wearing FOLS anywhere will showcase the love you have for sports and South Africa. We are nothing but custodians of South African sporting moments.
387933_10150376506794366_1752154513_n - Copy

387216_10150395430134366_1914245762_n - Copy

383572_10150395429329366_36049877_n - Copy

FOLS baby1
Something for the babies. After all they start liking sports from their mothers’ wombs. What do you think all that kicking is about? lol
It is truly refreshing to see South Africans coming up with such great and viable concepts. I personally support FOLS and though I am not a huge fan of sports there are times I have found myself enjoying a match or two and sharing in the joys of winning or the sorrows of losing.

Braids Looking fresh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So after so much indecisiveness I settled for this hairstyle
Thank you so much Emmaculate from Immanash Beauty Complex in Braamfontein

Photography: Sandor Oroszi