A day with Zakeeya Patel at her Previdar Magazine Shoot

So I was afforded a chance to interview Zakeeya Patel by the Previdar Magazine team. It was really lovely to meet the actress who is so down to earth and was willing to accommodate me. She was shooting for Previdar and you must keep it locked to http://www.previdar.com to see her shoot and interview .Continue reading “A day with Zakeeya Patel at her Previdar Magazine Shoot”

Carl Jaro: From Haiti to France to the rest of the world

Carl Jaro is a France-based  model, of Haitian origin born in Port-au-Prince (Haiti) who moved to France when he was only seven years old. He is not only just a model but he is also an actor. Carl Jaro is distinguished by the distanced way he looks at the symbolic role of fashion in the constructionContinue reading “Carl Jaro: From Haiti to France to the rest of the world”

“Age won’t stop me from dreaming big”: Sights set on New York

Casey Devereux is a 12 year old from Eldorado Park who has so much love for modelling that she started entering beauty pageants when she was young. Entering Eldo’s Top Model afforded Casey a chance to cross parts with Figures Modelling Agency, an agency that has awarded her and 9 other girls internships  and aContinue reading ““Age won’t stop me from dreaming big”: Sights set on New York”

4 May 2014: Day 5 in Namibia

On my arrival- Selfie with Loux As the hours were passing by, I started feeling sick (well at least I thought) Then I realized that it was actually the depression of having to leave my brothers and all the wonderful people that I had met during my short stay.  As we were driving from theContinue reading “4 May 2014: Day 5 in Namibia”

3 May 2014: Day 4 in Namibia

Saturday morning started with a bit of Praise and Worship at our Bungalow as we eagerly awaited the NAMAs 2014 main awards. The ever bubbly Mc Bright led all the songs which where mostly South African gospel songs and even though he did not know some words he sang on with all his heart. ItContinue reading “3 May 2014: Day 4 in Namibia”

2 May 2014: Day 3 in Namibia

There is no sleep. For people who literally slept at 5 am, by 10 am we have had breakfast and ready to explore Walvis Bay ( That is where we ended up) a town 30km outside of Swakopmund. We first went to the local taylor to do last minute touches on some outfits. We hadContinue reading “2 May 2014: Day 3 in Namibia”

1May: Day 2 in Namibia

So today I woke up late because of yesterday’s proceeding. We were at Adolf the taylor finishing up some suits for the NAMAs. I should really add Stylist and junior designer to my resume. I had fun learning how to make buttons being taught by Bhenge (the 12 year old) and Adolf. Its a hotContinue reading “1May: Day 2 in Namibia”

30 April 2014: Day 1 in Namibia

So this morning I boarded a plane to Namibia to visit friends and attend the much acclaimed Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs). It was my first time on the plane and I must say that it was the exhilarating and I could not wait to explore the beautiful land. So at 7:45 am (Namibian time)Continue reading “30 April 2014: Day 1 in Namibia”