Basha Uhuru Freedom Festival 2014

June is youth month commemorating the brave youth of 1976 and everyone around the country celebrates in different ways . On the weekend leading up to 16 June there were a lot of festivities taking place around the country celebrating Youth day. Most were seen wearing their school uniforms hitting clubs, social gatherings, and festivals.Continue reading “Basha Uhuru Freedom Festival 2014”

Roaming the streets of Durban

7 June marked my 23 years of existence in this world, so to celebrate I took to Durban to spend the weekend¬†exploring with my friends. 2014 is a year of a lot of first times for me so it was really exciting for me to be in Durban for the first time. We spent theContinue reading “Roaming the streets of Durban”

MTN BushFire Festival 2014

So after many years of planning to attend the BushFire Festival in Swaziland and somehow getting my plans cancelled last minute, I was finally afforded the chance to not only attend the BushFire Festival but to explore the ¬†beautifully breathtaking Kingdom of Swaziland by the Swaziland Tourism. The first day of the BushFire saw aContinue reading “MTN BushFire Festival 2014”

2ManySiblings The Creative Duo

Papa Petit and Velma 2manysiblings is a duo composition of brother & sister ¬†,Velma Rossa and Papa Petit who are style and art enthusiasts from East Africa, Kenya. I caught up with them to discuss a few things, so get to know them better below. What or who is 2manysiblings? Velma Rossa: 2manysiblings is aContinue reading “2ManySiblings The Creative Duo”