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Styling Jozi by Style Fashion Week Africa

So prior to Style Fashion Week Africa 2014, the organizers, models and designers took to the streets of Johannesburg to shoot some really epic photos

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Photographer: Sandor Oroszi

Graphic Designer: Mlungisi Makhubu

Fashion Designers: Semole Mooka, Yonela Bekezulu, Siphokazi Dana, Themba Mantshiyo, Kenneth Staat, Zamaswazi Nkosi, Mpho Hlongwane.

Art Directors, Vuyiso Tshabalala, MK, Eric

More on Style Fashion Week Africa go to

Twitter: @SFW_Africa




Fashion is seen differently everywhere from the denizens of the streets of London, always distinctively dressed, with personalities expressed before you’re even close enough to greet them. In Europe fashion is shorthand for sophistication and grace, Milan is provocative and ‘molto sexy’, and New York style is renowned for being sleek yet powerfully with daring. In Africa, fashion is equally distinctive. Aside from a palate of playful colors and prints that Africa is known for, the regal African silhouette is becoming more and more recognizable.

Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival 2015 (Accra-Ghana) is the best place to see the world’s most innovative fashion brands, under a meticulous set up with an unprecedented media coverage and more within just four days. With the idea of the ‘global community’ in mind , the 2015 edition of the event is tagged “The World edition’’ where fashion designers from across the world will be converging in Accra to celebrate fashion on a global platform. Visitors will enjoy first looks at the most exclusive collections, catwalk shows, and style advice from the best fashion insiders and brands in the business. There will also be talks and demonstrations, along with a selection of exclusive pop-up shops from over 50 world’s best-loved labels.

According to  Gideon Raji ,(C.E.O, Global Ovations Group) ‘we the organizers of  Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival ) seeks to make the African fashion festival brand  a leading global trade event and milestone for the international fashion community. Recognizing the immense talent rising from all corners of Africa, we strive to provide new opportunities for the global fashion industry, leading and upcoming fashion designers’.

Judith Yorm Aggor  Global Ovations  PR. also added , the fact that we intend to reach the entire continent and impact the industry’s expansion opportunities, we also hope to raise awareness for social and human development by supporting societal projects with 30% of our earnings on tickets sold. The theme for the 2015 edition of the festival is ‘’celebrating women, eradicating breast cancer ‘’ 30% of tickets sold would be channeled through the project .

With the event running from 28th to 31st may 2015, the Mercedes Benz African fashion festival will have live telecast  on fashion channels across the continent with special press partners on board,buying companies on board, and other exclusive packages .

The business of fashion just got better in Africa enjoy our exclusive world edition. We are indeed the global voice of fashion.

Issued  by

Gideon Raji

(Executive Producer )


The African Princess playing dress up.

So on Saturday I headed to Braamfontein in Johannesburg CBD for some meetings. Debuting my new short hair, I could not wait to try on the new outfits straight from Ghana brought to South Africa by Chief Justice a designer and creative from Accra.

I was allowed to be the African Princess that I am and I got to do a shoot in these amazing designs. The Kente backpack is the one. I am loving it and after wearing all those dresses, I truly imagined myself in Ghana. I  suppose it’s a sign that I need to make my way there.

To get these amazing designs and more head to Kitcheners in Braamfontein every Saturday for their vintage market and Ask for Baabakush or Chief Justice from the outside stall.

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Press Release: Africa Fashion Week Nigeria


AFRICA FASHION WEEK NIGERIA is a platform for African fashion designers to be appreciated and celebrated for the aim to display their creativity and originality to the global market. AFWN officially announces its second edition AFWN 2015 preparation and call for participation to all Nigerian and African designers who will be displaying alongside with various established African designers. The 2015 AFRICA FASHION WEEK NIGERIA edition, will be having an open call to all student designers who will be hand-picked to showcase alongside established brands; as our own way of discovering, introducing  new creative and innovative designers to add to the populating Africa industry. AFWN 2015, second edition is scheduled to commence in MAY 2015, Designer/ Exhibitor form is open for submission from December 2014 to 24th Feb 2015. Selected designers showcase will be fully or partly funded by our sponsors. AFWN is organised by Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) the biggest fashion festival in the UK & Europe for African inspired fashion and owners of the first African concession store on Oxford Street, London.

Grown up to soon

Sitting at the the airport bench curiously looking on as a mother snaps away on her phone. Her subjects are her daughters who are demanding every pose to be captured. These children (girls who cannot be a day over 6 years) are posing away, blowing kisses and attempting all sorts of positions. As always there is that one girl who likes more attention more than the others and this group of little girls was no different.

Sitting on top of the trolley, talking the loudest and demanding to have her picture taken while her siblings look on with sadness. When all this is happening I am thinking about how they would have been evading social media if they were around 11 years old. They would have been posting on instagram and the likes using senseless hastags.

In another matter (somewhat related) , I think parents drive their kids especially their little girls to grow up too soon. Mothers burden little girls with weaves and big clothing labels that makes the kids think that they are old and too chic to play like normal children.I have seen pictures of toddlers in social media that put my dress sense to shame. I do not think that those kids are able to play in the dirt and climb trees like other children their age. I mean who want to ruin a good outfit and those expensive labels?.

Parents complain when girls start demanding the latest smartphones, Brazilian weaves, 6 inch heels by the age of 11, forgetting that they are the ones who introduced them to that kind of life. NO your kids are not spoilt brats they are simply demanding the life they have always known.

It always breaks my heart when I see a little girl with a weave on don’t get me wrong I am not anti-weave but I feel that kids should be given a chance to be kids. A chance to play with other kids and do all these other fun and crazy stuff without making other kids feel inferior because they do not have expensive clothes and weaves.

So this is my 2 cents worth

Media Release: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg 2015


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg prepares to dazzle audiences in 2015

Dates for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg (MBFWJ) 2015 have been announced, following the incredible success and international praise which accompanied MBFWJ, MBFW Cape Town and MBFW Africa in 2014.

Running from the 5th to the 7th of March 2015, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg 2015 will set the standard for a season of sartorial success, and continue to draw the attention of fashion media luminaries like Vogue Italia, Glamour France, Time Magazine, L’Officiel India Magazine, New African Women and BBC TV, all of which were in attendance at MBFWJ 2014.

“At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg 2015, our primary focus will be fostering the creative independence of talented new artists emerging from South Africa, and providing retail opportunities for these designers within a global consumer-base. We want to provide the international fashion community with a glimpse into the unique and innovative nature of African design and creativity,” says Sizwe Nzimande, spokesperson for African Fashion International.

Every year, MBFWJ attracts masses of fashion entrepreneurs, buyers, bloggers, industry professionals, and local and international media to preview the looks that will define the bright future of design, and the business of fashion on the continent.


A worthy read