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Soweto Camp Festival 2015


I never ever thought that my first camping experience will be in the city. Wise people say never say never. I got to experience camping in Soweto courtesy of the organizers of the Soweto Camp Festival during the Easter weekend. I was so happy to be part of the 5th annual Soweto Camp Festival held at Lebo’s Backpackers in Phefeni Orlando West. The purpose of the camp festival is to introduce a culture of camping in Soweto and give local entrepreneur an opportunity to reach a broader market. This year a fashion show was introduced with designers like Zamaswazi. Soul Brown, Dung Beetle, bush Banger, Zola, Kasi Code & Urban Zulu showcasing.

I love how the Soweto Camp Fest organizers involved the youth in the event through leadership roles and also providing a space to showcase their talent. Games were played right through, all kinds of music was heard in the different corners of the camp. Grafitti artist also did their thing on the wall and left their mark to show how talented and creative the African youth is. My one regret is not going on the bicycle tour around Soweto, nonetheless. I would have to return to Lebo’s Backpackers for some more of Soweto. Spotted in the crowd were some of former Big Brother Africa contestants: Luis Manana & Permithias Osweb from Namibia and Mira from Mozambique. The crew seemed to enjoying comedian Smoky’s set.

I had my 5 minute stint in skating at the skate park and that was lots of fun. As a lover of music I really got serenaded by the sounds of Rockruler And the Jamgang and was really fascinated by Sintu the lady who owns the saxophone. Her performance really gave me goosebumps.I really got to do a lot of things that I have always wanted to do at the Soweto Camp Fest. Meeting people from different walks of life was one of my highlights because I got to learn new things and cemented my love for travelling even more.  I cannot wait to see what they come up with for 2016.

It’s evident from the pictures below that I had lots of fun.


Anam Xinwa

Lorraine Kinnear

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Competition Time With Africa Fashion Week Nigeria



Africa Fashion Week Nigeria is giving away

  1. 2 VIP tickets to the Gala Night and After Show Party.
  2. Tickets to all the show.
  3. Fabrics Courtesy DaViva
  4. A Designer Outfit.
  5. Meet & Greet with our Brand Ambassador Oreka Godis.

The catch is to post images that evolve in time. Competition details will follow below.


The brand ambassador of Africa Fashion Week Nigeria Oreka Godis talks the Evolution of Iro & Bubu: 

One of my favourite things to do whenever I get the chance to is to look through old family photos. It is the only real invitation you get to look at the lives of the people you know now & see who they were long before you came along. Through pictures, you can imagine who they were, their hopes, dreams, the shy and the Alan Poser.
Some pictures through clothes and attitude depict clues about the lives they lived, the government regime of that decade, socioeconomic position of the people and how they rebelled against conformity. Fashion is a part of who we are. Our evolving culture is woven in the fabric of everything we wear today and pictures beautifully show just how far that thread connects us to generations.
Every decade has its own defining statement piece. Hemlines go up and down over the years, prints and textures come and go but our flair for expression through the ages remains constant. Africa Fashion Week celebrates fashion through all the ages and we invite you to join us as we launch a competition that will end in an exhibition and spectacular display at our AFWN Gala Night on the 24th May 2015.
I share some special pictures of my own with you now. These are some of my favourite family members rocking Iro and Buba their way. I hope you will do me the honour of sharing your special memories with me too.
  1. Follow @afwlandafwn on instagram
  2. Follow @africafwnigeria on twitter.
  3. Follow @Africafashionweeknigeria on facebook.
  4. Use the hashtag #AfricaFashionWeekNigeria #AFWNContest to send your pictures and include a description of who is in the picture.
  5. Images choosing will form as a time-scale exhibition of the ‘Evolution of Iro and Buba’ during the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria holding on 23rd & 24th of May2015
  6. Images should reference the date (era) it was taken and possibly location.
  7. We welcome a variety of entries; black and white, monochrome, full coloured to represent each decade.
  8. Damaged images would be automatically disqualified.
  9. The sender must have the right/permission to submit such image (indemnifying us of any infringement).
  10. The name of the person in the picture would be required and the year t
  11. A short reference to a notable event around the time the particular ‘oleku’ was in vogue would be welcome not compulsory.
  1. 2 VIP tickets to the Gala Night and After Show Party.
  2. Tickets to all the show.
  3. Fabrics Courtesy DaViva
  4. A Designer Outfit.
  5. Meet & Greet with our Brand Ambassador Oreka Godis.
  • 20 of the best images will be exhibited at the ‘Evolution of Iro and Buba’ Exhibition and the selected image owners will be giving ticket to the show

orekaa1 orekaa4 orekaa6 - Copy orekaa9


Model: Oreka Godis (AFWN Brand Ambassador 2015)
Stylist: Olajide Adedeji
Make Up: Zaron Cosmetics
Hair Stylist: Dada’s Touch
Designers: Ade Bakare,
JReason, Tabeeta Fashion Affair,
Bags: Okiki Marinho
Accessories: Stylist’s Own
Assisted By: Ar’zu Okaro
Film Production: Arcadia digital network
Photo Artist: Twelve05 Photography
Creative Director: Yetty Ogunnubi


My Street Style : Gaborone Botswana

Photo by: Lorraine

Photo by: Lorraine

Photo by: Lorraine

Photo by: Lorraine

Shot on the streets of Gaborone, Botswana

Clothing Details: 

Shoes; Soviet

Crop Top: Mr Price

Sunglasses: Mr Price

Dungaree: Vintage Shop in Hillbrow

Photographer: Lorraine Binne Kinnear

Photo By; Modisa

Photo By; Modisa


Photo by: Modisa

Photo by: Modisa

Photo by: Modisa

Photo by: Modisa

Photo by: Modisa

Photo by: Modisa

Shoot Details:

Location: Bull ‘n Bush Gaborone

Photographer: Modisa Brilliant Kodie

Clothing Details:

Top: Vintage Shop in Hillbrow

Skirt: Custom Design by Thabile Mfokazi

Scandals: Kinky Shoes Alexandra






Getting My Groove Back In Botswana

Photo by: Lorraine

Photo by: Lorraine

After months and months of hard work and constant pressure,  I somewhat started losing my sanity and focus of what I set out to do. So the only way to get back on track was to take some time out, regroup and relax.

Botswana was just what I needed, being among great people and getting to explore the city of Gaborone was good for my soul. This might sound like a cliché but the moment I set foot in Botswana  I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and having vowed not to do anything work related all I did was explore the young city of Gaborone whose Central Business District is still in its early stages of development with skyscrapers being erected. I spotted some really interesting and beautiful architecture.



A taxi (what Batswana refers to as a combi) costs P3.50 to go just about anywhere around Gaborone from the Bus Station. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I didn’t have to spend the usual R12 or more for a taxi ride. I was relieved and happy that my not so loaded purse was going to survive longer than I anticipated.


20150327_110116 20150327_113925

So it turns out that my uncle who resides in Botswana has started Poultry farming and naturally I wanted to check it out. We went with the new chicks to the farm as they had orders for the grown chickens that had to be slaughtered. I had a great time feeding the little chicks and getting them used to their new home. I think I should get into farming. I bet I would be good at it. Maybe one day I will buy land and have a go at it.

20150327_104514 20150327_110056

 The Farmer’s Market

My friends from Botswana had been telling me about the Farmer’s Market so I decided to check it out at Bull ‘n Bush. The Farmer’s Market is all about music, good food, good company, food stalls, clothing stalls and loads more. Botswana is a very young county when it comes pop culture so The Farmer’s Market is still in its infancy but a much needed space for the creatives of Botswana. The space caters for fashion designers, chefs and book sellers. I tasted juice made purely from the Amarula fruit and it tasted alright. It’s an acquired taste.

Photo: Modisa

Photo: Modisa


Photo: Modisa

Photo: Modisa

Photo by: Lorraine

Photo by: Lorraine

Photo by; Lorraine

Photo by; Lorraine

Photo credit: Lorraine Binie Kinnear  check her on

Modisa Brilliant Kodie : Check him on



Hamptons Annual Jazz Festival: Street Style

Photo by Hamptons Promoters

Photo by Hamptons Promoters

On the 28th of March I was lucky to attend my first ever Jazz festival at the Duma Grounds in Gaborone. With stars like South Africa’s musicians, Zonke Dikana, Stimela and Mahotela Queens, Dikapapa, Punah Gabasiane headlining the festival, it sure promised to be a great event. Thank you to my friend Modisa for hooking me up with the ticket. Excitement filled the air as cars and pedestrians made their way to the festival to celebrate and have some fun. The grounds were packed by 6pm and my biggest disappointment is that the youth was nowhere to be found. I am told it’s not because the youth was not interested but because the promoters did not do anything to entice the youth and they offered no room to collaborate with bloggers and other influencers.

Nonetheless some people showed up and they looked really great.Check out the pictures below.

tumblr_nm33ax4rss1s393ioo1_1280 tumblr_nm33l7tOqw1s393ioo1_1280 tumblr_nm33mwf6A91s393ioo1_1280 tumblr_nm33qieu9g1s393ioo1_1280 tumblr_nm331eiPr31s393ioo1_1280 tumblr_nm333gCsmy1s393ioo1_1280 tumblr_nm338oLN9p1s393ioo1_1280

Photos by : Modisa Brilliant Kodie


Snapped at MBFWJoburg 2015


Snapped with the stylish duo GaTsh Fros Tsholo Dikobe and Gaone Mothibi


With Lorraine, blogger and photographer from Botswana


Siya Beyile of the Threaded Man & Uyapo blogger and photographer


Playing at the Sunglass Hut Photo Booth



With Simon Deiner of SDR Photo


with Jess Van Wyk


Wearing my vintage palazzo


Photographer: Lorraine