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Africa Reign: Aisha And Aminah



Aisha and Aminah were born in Uganda’s Eastern District of Iganga in 1988 .Aminah currently  works as a freelance photographer and Aisha  currently work as lead photographer for Uganda’s number one sports website kawowo.com  and their love for African culture has got them to photograph traditional weddings which are very colourful  in the ‘Pearl of Africa’. Aminah has been to Zimbabwe but didn’t go Bungee jumping at Victoria Falls because it’s something she’d love to do with Aisha.

I love travelling and meeting new people, I dream of traveling to at least 30 of the 54 African countries.I believe that whenever someone goes to a new place, it’s not about staying in the five star hotels but to get out of the comfort zone and get to interact with the people in the particular place.Each country is different as regards customs and culture. My commonest phrase is, “Travel is the best form of education.”- Aisha

On building the “African Dream”the twins agree that we as the youth should work together and share positive stories about countries. We as the youth should support each other and help each other achieve our dreams. When the African youth becomes part of the solution and the change that is happening now then we can definitely help portray Africa as the continent were dreams can be achieved and an individual’s full potential can be maximized.

I don’t not think the youth is motivated enough to help develop Africa. The youth have not fully embraced their cultures and always want to welcome Western ideas with many still opting to leave the continent to in search of greener pastures. Many decide not to return because they don’t believe there’s much they can do for Africa as individuals- Aminah

Aminah believes journalism has a personal responsibility of selling Africa to the World, they have to do that  through telling the stories about Africa that are not often told by foreign media. A single African story has been told and that’s a story on AIDS, poverty, crime, genocide, malnutrition and so many more. There are African countries have rebuilt themselves after the problems they have faced and that is something that should not go unnoticed . A good example is Rwanda after the 1994 Genocide.

In my words (my quote)

When they say you can’t, they have no clue how bad you want it. The limits they set for themselves are the same limits they set for you.

Devote your energy to bettering yourself and reaching your dreams, let the result of the work SHOUT your answer to all who say you can’t- Aisha

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Africa Reign: Sophie and Louise Kanza


Sophie and Louise founded the  Sophie A Kanza foundation, a self-funded charity organization. They came up with the concept #CandyCraftDays and rolled it out into sincere charity organizations and no fee day care centers that had little to no government funding in and around Johannesburg. They buy bulk of sweets and packaging for events  A few friends (all currently under the age of 25) collect the remainder of the goodies and they host the craft days where the kids create their own candy crafts using sweets.

Sophie and Louise were born in DRC and have lived in South Africa ever since they were toddlers. Although they are hoping to attract sponsorships , they still keep on working on their foundation. They have started collecting and distributing clothing and sanitary supplies to shelters and orphanages. Their organisation has grown so much through social media and they have volunteers from other African countries like Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon and Malawi.

The Sophie A Kanza Foundation’s goal is unity in diversity. Building friendships and learning from and about each other’s cultures. If the youth can become open minded and tolerant, it is then easier to transmit these sentiments and influence others. We also focus on the fear of foreigners (Xenophobia), in this case it is the fear of the unknown. Most of the young immigrants moved to South Africa before they could speak so they feel no concrete attachment to their home countries yet are still victimized in the country they now call home. They have no sense of belonging. But how can an African be a foreigner, in Africa?

We decided to use charity as the means to bring people together because we felt it was important for youth to know that they can make a difference, regardless of their nationality, race or financial status. We encourage the youth to go out and make a difference in people’s lives.

Many “foreigners” are accustomed to congregating among themselves to avoid victimization. We work to take them out of these comfort zones. Once we work together towards making a difference we learn that we are all the same, brothers and sisters of Africa. Not enemies or threats.

Africa reign to me means knowing who I am, where I’m from and how we are connected. Using this vast information and beautiful pictures to shine in my part of Africa and furthermore chop and change my surroundings.- Sophie

Sophie feels that there is  a lack of platforms created for dialogue and genuine interaction between locals and immigrants. The youth needs to create these platforms and work together. If the youth can become open minded and tolerant towards African brothers and sisters, the shift is possible. Also we need to create a culture of visiting other African cities to soak up culture and experiences that we can bring home to share with others. “We are all called to make a difference and contribute to the improvements of our continent”says Sophie.

 I believe Africans have an inherited entrepreneurial spirit. Even before paper money, banks, business schools etc. This inherited spirit need to be nurtured and developed to bridge the gap. Many skills have become income generators such as hairdressing, dress making e.t.c many of which are self taught.

For more on #CandyCraftDays and the Sophie A Kanza Foundation check https://www.facebook.com/sophieakanzafoundation

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