#ThokozaDlozi By Vus Ngxande

Thokoza Dlozi could not have come at a better time. It came at a time when I am busy with the African cultures blog series that seeks to explore African cultures, the similarities and the differences. I had made a space for a blog post on African medicine so I was really elated when VusContinue reading “#ThokozaDlozi By Vus Ngxande”

African Cultures By Young Africans: Bashi Tribe

BASHI TRIBE FROM SOUTH KIVU IN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO Written By Eddy Mihigo I am from the Bashi tribe in the South Kivu province, one of three provincial groups (the others being Maniema and North Kivu) that make up the Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Democratic Republic of Congo isContinue reading “African Cultures By Young Africans: Bashi Tribe”

African Cultures By Young Africans: Tsonga Ethnic Group

The Tsonga Ethnic Group – “Royalty of the East” By @FanaThePurp VaTsonga are a coastal people that Inhabits South-East Africa,spread out in Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland. There are over 12 million Tsonga speakers in the world of all Xitsonga variants; majority is in Mozambique, then followed by South Africa. TsongaContinue reading “African Cultures By Young Africans: Tsonga Ethnic Group”

African Cultures By Young Africans : LUO TRIBE

I had an interesting  conversation with Winnie when I asked her what tribe she was. She told me that she did not know much about the Luos (her people) but she will do all she can to acquire more information and she did. *************************************************************** LUO TRIBE written by Winnie Odande Twitter & Instagram @fitndiscover ***************Continue reading “African Cultures By Young Africans : LUO TRIBE”

African Cultures By Young Africans: Namwanga Tribe

A few months back while having a Whatsapp conversation with a Ugandan friend on the language she thought I spoke at home. That conversation led to me deciding to run a blog series on African Cultures told by young Africans. So I talked to a few people and they loved the idea and so IContinue reading “African Cultures By Young Africans: Namwanga Tribe”