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Project Street Style 24hs By Ray Geof


Project Street Style 24hrs is a fashion projects by Ray Geof, a Street Style Reporter and Fashion Blogger from Francistown Botswana. Ray started the project because he believes that fashion is 24 hours. He has been having fun capturing the creative and stylish people of Botswana.

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I started it because i want to showcase authentic & real everyday to day fashion of the people of Botswana.The streets never lie and fashion on the street is raw its not like of high fashion editorials which is over styled- Ray Geof
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The project is on going o if you would like to check out what Botswana serves in terms of street style check out

All Hail The Honey By Rendani X Kgomotso Neto


Creative graphic designer Rendani Nemakhavhani and photographer  Kgomotso Neto have been serving us some visual pleasures with a series called All Hail The Honey. I have absolutely enjoyed all the 3 chapters  and I cannot wait for more to follow. The series started off with the Honey (Rendani) in water and with a whip and of course it is interesting and we were intrigued and hoping for more. The narratives are very interesting and keep the audience up to date with the story. And they got me adding some of my own in the story.

21/10/25 The Honey, a collaborative effort between Rendani Nemakhavhani(Illustrator) and Kgomotso Neto Tleane (Photographer).

21/10/25 The Honey, a collaborative effort between Rendani Nemakhavhani(Illustrator) and Kgomotso Neto Tleane (Photographer).

21/10/25 The Honey, a collaborative effort between Rendani Nemakhavhani(Illustrator) and Kgomotso Neto Tleane (Photographer).

21/10/25 The Honey, a collaborative effort between Rendani Nemakhavhani(Illustrator) and Kgomotso Neto Tleane (Photographer).

As black girls we can relate to the 2nd chapter of All Hail The Honey series- The Hair Struggle. Our hair has suffered a lot from relaxers, braiding, weaves and plaiting. It is a struggle that. The Honey says that everyone should know that black hair shrinks in hair, it really does. Once you get your hair ‘DID’ you really avoid water because it all goes down and goes back to being nappy (But we still love it nonetheless)

tumblr_nzhzzcMULp1ukimnjo1_1280 tumblr_nzebavA8nW1ukimnjo1_1280

We all dread those salon visits but they have to be done so we can keep our hair “fly” and most importantly healthy.


In the 3rd chapter Kgomotso steps in front of the lens to star as Gavini in a story inspired by Yizo Yizo. A story of love in the township, that kind of “Skhanda love” if you will. The visuals are absolutely amazing and they really did a good job.



The duo keep it real all the time and most of us can relate to their series. On being real Rendani has the following to say:

Real is always what I aim to show off in the work that I produce. That is exactly how I want the work to be received as genuine.  I don’t believe in fronting about what I’m selling. In The Honey series we are selling you what makes up a typical outfit for most girls. We don’t necessarily buy everything that we have (from fancy shops). People must also know that when black hair meets water it shrinks. It’s just a matter of understanding the basics of how you make what you have work.


To follow more of their work go to






Tropics Voices Ambassadors

I am so happy to announce that a couple of awesome human beings and I have been selected as Tropics Voices Ambassadors by South African based media group called Tropics Media.We will be sharing our stories on stay tuned and follow our articles on different topics.


Central Africa’s 1st Gaming Studio is Creating Games that Embody African Myths and Culture


Aurion Legacy of Kori-Odan (Photograph — Aurion Legacy of Kori-Odan (Photograph —

article by Hadassah Egbedi via

The growth of Africa’s comic culture has given rise to the likes of Comic Republic with superhero characters and lifestyles that Africans can finally relate with and the reception so far has been incredible. However, a young Cameroonian may just have taken this initiative to the next level. Madiba Olivier, who has always enjoyed video games, is now pioneering his own brand of games with African content and characters in central Africa by incorporating African folklore.

Olivier decided to invest in his passion by establishing Kiro’o Games, central Africa’s first video game studio that is creating a new narrative and visual benchmark for the gaming industry. With their latest project, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, an action-RPG (Role Playing Game), the studio intends to unify and transmit African culture by combining various myths, tales and traditional values into the gaming experience.

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Hauz Of Lenze To Collaborate With Emjay Bead Gallery


Hauz Of Lenze and Nigerian based jewelery brand Emjay Beads Gallery have come together to enhance both brands through a long-term collaboration. Joy Adiligwoh started Emjay Beads when she saw a woman who was wearing very colourful beads that grabbed her attention. Ever since that day she learnt how to make beaded jewelery until she perfected it.

image (2)

The inspiration in making a piece of Emjay Beads is drawn from culture and the dynamic world of fashion. Brian of Hauz Of Lenze and Joy of Emjay Beads are excited to see the outcome of their collaboration with both parties having started on working on their new collections.

image (1)

Emjay Beads will be available in South Africa in a month or 2 but if you can’t wait you can order via email