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Win Tickets To The Wedding Expo In Durban


The Wedding Expo will be held at the Moses Mabhida Stadium from 6-7 August 2016. It promises to be the best event with a a varied selection of wedding essentials from only the best local suppliers. Brides-to be and their spouses are expected to flock Moses Mabhida hoping to get help in making their big day a huge success. As bride-to-be it is essential to know your budget and most importantly STICK to it, the Wedding Expo has a number of local exhibitors who will be showcasing their products that meet the requirements of brides with all sorts of budgets. The Expo has a fashion theatre which will now replace the traditional runway show, brides will able to see the gorgeous wedding gowns and get tips from designers and fashion experts regarding all the intimate details of the wedding gown, from fit to embellishments. Shopping for wedding essentials will never be the same, at the expo KWV Champagne will be served; What better way is there to shop?

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 I am giving away 5 Double tickets to 5 lucky people who are based in Durban.

To enter: Answer the question below and leave your email address on the comment section:

Where in Durban will the Wedding Expo be held?


Qhama Maswana Art: The Kind Of Art That Speaks To Me


Artists in Africa have been documenting their work in the best way possible. I love what their art does to me when I look at it. They produce art that is easy to relate to us African children and they capture it in the best possible. I have seen so much beauty in the work of these African artists, I have seen a beauty that I would have otherwise missed should I have been watching their subjects with my naked eye. One artist whose painting speak to my heart is Qhamanande Maswana  a 24 year old Fine Art graduate from the Eastern Cape whose passion for art began when he was still in high school.


Culture is very much a driving force behind Qhamanande’s paintings, one cannot help but engage with the subjects in his paintings. My favourite painting is of a woman who looks absolutely amazing with flowers as her crown and her eyes are so intense and I feel like I can see what she is seeing even though she is facing the side and her cheek bones are beautiful bandla! Qhama says that he only paints when he is inspired and that he works hard at being inspired. I like that he just doesn’t sit and say today I am not inspired so I will not be painting. You have to get out and seek inspiration even from the smallest of things. Qhama boasts about being different from other artists because his work has a cultural feel to it which is inspired by his young days in the rural areas and he enjoys painting females because he grew up among females and he feels that the body gestures and expressions of females makes it easy to tell how they are feeling at that particular time.

The aim for my art is to engage the viewer with the roots and beauty of black people’s culture in South Africa as it has a modern and spiritual approach which is meant to take the viewer through the daily life of black Africans.I paint only when I’m inspired and I work hard at being inspired every day, if something touched my soul enough for me to paint it, the chances are there is someone out there who may feel the same because I think as an artist it is my job to inspire people What I enjoy doing the most is female portraits it might be because I grew up being surrounded by female siblings. Females, with their gentle, caring features filled with love. Their body gestures and facial expression makes it easy to tell what one was feeling or going through at that particular moment, and those expressions I capture to tell a story through my artworks.- Qhamanande Maswana


Qhamanande Maswana’s biggest highlight was when he was commissioned to do a portrait of Doctor Mangosuthu Buthelezi for the Fort Hare University Centenary celebrations and when he had a solo exhibition at the Arts on the Lain in Berea East London. As a consumer of art I tend to like art pieces that speak to me and pieces that I can relate to in one form and another. Qhama works hard in developing paintings that speak to both him and the consumer of his art and he loves to show the beauty that is in Africa. Part of his painting process goes into researching a specific theme that he wants to create as he does not want to just capture an image but he also wants to give the image life. Tools are also important for the painting process, pen and ink are great for strong detailed lines while oil paints are used to capture colour and form; and fast drying acrylic paints are for projects that need to be completed quickly.” Africa inspires most of my art, the beautiful people, their full lip and thick hair, their amazing skin tone. I am inspired by the strength of the people and I see royalty in all of them, my artwork speaks, not only for me but for people who were long silenced”, says Qhama.

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You can order Qhamanande’s work from Qhama Maswana Art





Stitched Panorama

Stitched Panorama

Unilever has reaffirmed its commitment to improve the lives of millions of South African children through a new integrated brightFuture Schools Programme. The company held an exhibition at Shine Studios in partnership with the creative trio I See A Different You.The exhibition displayed portraits of young schoolchildren from Carter, Skeen, Gordon, M.C Weiler and Emfundisweni Primary Schools in Alexandra, alongside drawings they had created of their dreams for the future. Their ambitions ranged from doctors and nurses to soccer players and astronauts.

Creative partners I See A Different You

The purpose of the exhibition was to raise awareness of the new brightFuture Schools Programme by highlighting how the ambitions of South African children are sometimes beyond their reach, due to circumstances out of their control, such as poor sanitation. I See a Different You are known for their distinctive style and optimistic portrayal of South African people and stories. Justice Mukheli from I See a Different You spoke about their work on the exhibition. “We thought this would just be another shoot, but when we started working with the kids, they really blew us away. They are so smart and so curious. They have such big ambitions. The experience reminded us of when we were young and encouraged us to stay youthful and inspired.”

Children from schools in Alexandra performed a skit to highlight the work Unilever is doing in their schools

Unilever currently has successful schools programmes running in hundreds of schools, using their brands with purpose, but these have never been integrated. To date, Domestos has reached over 480 000 South African school children through the “Cleaner Toilets, Brighter Future” and Germ-busters Club programmes.Lifebuoy’s ‘School of 5’ programme has reached over 2 million children and 10 million South Africans in total.
Now, the Unilever brightFuture Schools Programme will integrate these programmes as well as two others, to create one holistic offering, incorporating health and hygiene education and Maths skills.

Unilever Executive Vice President, Africa, Bruno Witvoet

Unilever South Africa Executive Vice President, Peter Cowan spoke about the importance of collective action within the Unilever brightFuture Schools Programme.
“Our vision is to create a bright future for all South Africans, reaching 15 million people by 2020. We can’t do that alone. Our partnerships with UNICEF and the Department of Basic Education will allow us to scale up the work we’ve been doing to address some major problems and create an even bigger impact. This is a watershed moment where we are all taking action to achieve real change.”

Gauteng MEC for Education, Panyaza Lesufi addresses the audience

Gauteng MEC for Education, Panyaza Lesufi who also attended the event, said, “Through this partnership, we welcome the commitment of Unilever and UNICEF in this endeavor. We need to do all we can to give young people the skills and education they need to reach their full potential. We know that many of our schools are having difficulty with sanitation issues and through these programmes, we can teach children good hygiene habits that will allow them to be at school and get the education they need.There must be no child in South Africa who can’t realize their dreams due to limitations that can be defeated.”

The brightFuture Schools Programme will start piloting in 31 schools in KZN, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and Limpopo over the next five months. It will integrate the Domestos and Lifebuoy health and hygiene programmes, a new oral hygiene programme from Pepsodent and the popular Omo Smart Kids Maths programme. Children will complete a 21-day behavior change programme and will receive product and content to complete tasks at school and at home with their families. This broadens the reach of the education so that, ultimately this pilot has the potential to reach over 100 000 community members.

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Jenevieve Lyons Wows Fashion Lovers At #SAMW


Jenevieve Lyons always leaves us talking after every show and last night’s show was no different. The LISOF graduate has sure came a long way since her AFI FastTrack days.  Her latest collection titled Deferential which she debuted last night at South African Menswear Week in Cape Town is all sorts of amazing. She says that the collection plays on the ugly, gender fluidity and juxtapositions. It is the new movement of anti “being”  and anti categorization. So basically the collection is about not being and my take on this is that it is not just for men but for women as well. I love the layers and her amazing skill with the cut-outs. It’s a true work of art and that green grass had me looking forward to summer. The garments allow for easy movements and are suitable for all kinds of weather. I love that the kind of person to wear a Jenevieve Lyons creation is one who cares about looking great and is not bothered about what people think is masculine or womanly. The contrast of the colours draws you in and when you thought that was the wow factor, the tailoring and the creativity with the belts and the layering gets you. This is my favourite collection from Jenevieve thus far and judging from the people’s reactions on social media, I am not the only one. Which is a good thing because as a designer your current collection should be better than your last and that is what Jenevieve Lyons has nailed to the T.

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All photos by SDR Photo

4 Girls About Girls: A New Sanctuary For High School Girls

4 Girls About Girls Logo

4 Girls About Girls is a mentorship campaign based in Soweto which was  initiated to select a group of girls based in Protea South, North and Protea Glen . The program is designed to empower, educate and develop these ambitious girls through social development and community based projects that will build their self-esteem and self confidence as well as provide them with career assistance. The organisation has been involved in charity drives, old age home visits and fundraising events based around Soweto in collaboration with Protea South Methodist church. Currently, they are having another charity drive in Protea South and  have identified a family that they will adopt and assist on monthly bases with clothes and food parcels.The community has also provided assistance with supporting the Nhlapho family with food and clothes. Production company Velocity Afrika has also been giving donations. 


4 Girls About GirlspROFILE picture

4 Girls About Girls was founded in January 2016 by Rephethile a young woman who has a passion for children and has been doing her best to mentor 10 high school student who are part of the program. The organisation will be part of the Student Expo that will take place on the 29th and 30th of July 2016 at the Glen in Johannesburg. As program gets bigger, there will be a need for more mentors and the criteria is quite simple:

+ Demonstrates a positive attitude and acts as a positive role model
+Compassion and genuineness
+ Have sincere desire to construct, empower, develop, build a relationship with mentees
+Have the ability to be a listen and speaker when expected
+Be sensitive to people of different educational, economic, cultural and racial backgrounds
+Ability to recommend alternatives and options
+Leadership skills

+Willingness to share skills and expertise

The program is for girls who have a clear understanding of their goals, motivated and ready to work at a relationship, be open minded and always willing to learn and proactive. At the moment 4 Girls About Girls could do with an additional mentor who would assist in preparing for potential events and assisting with organizing, planning and conceptualizing to generate exciting activities to allow the girls to engage more and be active more. 4 Girls About Girls vision is to invite more girls around Soweto who believe they owe it to the community to assist and be a leader. The girls have one main goal, the goal to be better and do better than their parents, they want their parents to be proud of their achievements and future plans . They have established themselves as different to the current youth but they’ve accepted their flaws and want to let go to become somebodies in their communities.

Having suffered and lived under the oppression of abuse and violence I always isolated myself from achieving what my heart desired, I was afraid to be at my best and do best, I was so consumed by low self-esteem and lack of confidence without blaming anyone With that being said the critical point that 4 Girls About Girls is sending out is that anything is possible even beyond all the negative situations that any person is forced into, anything is possible when you stay dedicated and passionate. I want these young girls to see themselves in me and even become better at everything they do, I want them to be able to stand firm for what they believe while achieving every little goal they desire or rather aspire to achieve. I want them to be go-getters without limitations or any excuses. I want my girls to inspire their peers and be a reflection of possibilities because I believe in them.- Rephethile

If you want to get involved you can contact the organisation:


Facebook Page: 4 Girls About Girls

Twitter: @4GirlsAboutGilr

Cellphone: 083 507 2758


Time Keeping With Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a watch brand that was born when founder Filip Tysander was travelling where he met a gentleman who  had a fondness of wearing vintage watches on old weathered NATO straps. Lately a number of customers and bloggers or influencers have been posting different DW watches styled in unique ways. What caught my attention about this watches is that they are straps that can be changed so if you don’t feel like wearing a colourful watch, you can change to a darker strap. Daniel Wellington is not a brand that is exclusive to one specific look or reflected style, it’s a casual yet fashion conscious and appeals to everyone.

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Daniel Wellington watches are  versatile and truly a style companion for every occasion. You can wear them for a formal dinner, a night out with friends or even on a date with someone special. I love my timeless elegant and stylish Classic Glasgow 36mm with a navy and white NATO strap women’s watch. Initially I wanted to get a men’s watch but settled for my beauty that I love so much. It is minimalistic and so familiar , I will be rocking it with different outfits and I will post the looks for your indulgence. My next buy will be a Dapper St Mawes 34mm with a leather strap and to buy yours head over to Daniel Wellington and they deliveries are quick. Mine took 5 days so you can expect yours between 5 to 7 days.