Lebo Mphela Pioneers Black Owned Nail Polish Brand in South Africa

Lebo Mphela

Nail grooming is a very important part of most women’s lives because women feel great when they have their nails filed and polished. It is also comes as no surprise that nail grooming is unisex as men have also started to take nail grooming seriously, salons and nails bars have had an influx of men looking to get manicures and getting their nails trimmed and massaged with the available nail care essentials. To maintain the great appearance of nails and hands, grooming must be done regularly with many people doing it once to twice a month. A few of the nail polish brands available out there are black owned and African; so it is refreshing to see young black women taking the initiative to branch into the nail polish industry. Malia Nail Care is a nail care brand by a young black African woman who is in her twenties. Lebo Mphela started Malia Nail Care because she wanted to bridge a gap in the market and her business also stems from her love for nail polish when it comes to matching her outfits and trying out new ways of nail grooming and maintenance.

Nailing grooming at professional salons is fairly affordable and with the internet being available to most people; one does not need to go to the salon if you are a little low on cash because you can simply buy Malia nail polish online for around 50 bucks and learn how to have salon ready nails on YouTube. That is a great way to keep nails looking fresh all the time.

Before starting Malia Nail Care, Lebo did extensive research on getting the best nail polish and eventually producing the nail polish herself. Being a young entrepreneur means that access to the necessary machinery used in creating nail polish is not accessible to Lebo so she has been quite hands on in the making of her products even though she has got a company that deals in the manufacturing of products to help in the making of the nail polish on a large scale. She works with the manufacturing company in conceptualising and coming up with right nail polish for her brand. The name Malia was inspired by women who own their lives. The nail colours are named after queens, princesses, warriors and other influential women from African history who took pride in looking good.

Even though Malia Nail Care has not been around for long, through her hard work and connections, Lebo managed to get her nail polish included in the South African Music Awards goodie bag and that is a huge milestone for a small business. While Lebo Mphela finds ways to distribute her nail polish products to Salons and big supermarkets, she is selling Malia Nail Care through her online store www.malianailcare.com . The online store is more versatile that just selling the nail polish and nail polish remover, it also offers nail care advice to consumers.

Malia nail polishes come in all different tones, shade ranges and colour selections and because there are so many colours to choose from; the nail polish can match different outfits’ everyday because nails are often the unspoken accessory of any outfit. The bright coloured nail polish is great because we as black women love and appreciate being colourful and bright, it is in our blood to love brightness.



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