Flori Roberts Cosmetics Launch


Photo credit: 4Elementsmedia

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Flori Roberts cosmetics launch at Stuttafords in Sandton City. The event was organized by 4 Elements Media.

As we got in we were welcomed by the brand ambassadors of Flori Roberts South Africa, Amo Chidi and Ziyanda Yako who looked great . their make-up was done by the talented make-up artist Jim.


Ambassador of Flori Roberts SA Ziyanda Yako

Photo credit: 4Elementsmedia


Ambassador of Flori Roberts SA Amo Chidi

Photo credit: 4Elementsmedia

Snacks were provided by Vicky Crease and 4th Street and Evige were the beverages available. Cucumber, Chocolate and coconut flavored water were a new experience for me, but I must say that I really enjoyed the cucumber flavored water.

Flori Roberts Cosmetics have been available to American women for over fifty years and they have now launched exclusively to Stuttafords , So far Flori Roberts Cosmetics are available in 3 Stuttafords stores i.e. Sandton City, Eastgate and Merlyn

Flori Roberts Cosmetics are for ethnic skin and while observing the make-up artist do demonstrations I noticed that the foundation blends so well with the skin tone. Take it from me ( a girl who generally does not do make-up) Black women really need to use Flori Roberts because I have seen how other make-up brands crack when applied on ethnic skin.  I scored myself lipstick which I am so in love with and it looks like it will be my signature look from now own. And what’s more is that I have been looking for that colour for like forever. Thank you Flori Roberts Africa and 4Elementsmedia for the hook-up.





Photo credit: Flori Roberts SA

Well known guest present included  LeAnne, Shashi Naidoo, presenter Wardah Hartley,  Vicky Crease and of course yours truly. The owner of 4Elementsmedia Lorinda Voges looked great as always and once again her and her team delivered a great event.

DSC_8125 DSC_8142 DSC_8149 DSC_8183

Photo credit: 4Elementsmedia


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