Getting Seasick On A Zan Fast Ferries Zanzibar 2 Ferry

After a glorious 3 weeks in Zanzibar Island it was time to head back inland and visit some art and dance studios. I was a happy island girl, enjoying the sunsets, taking walks and making new friends. I spent time in Michamvi, Paje, Jambiani and Stone Town exploring and generally enjoying myself even though theContinue reading “Getting Seasick On A Zan Fast Ferries Zanzibar 2 Ferry”

Arusha To Dar Es Salaam By Bus: A Tale Of A Late Bus And Untruthful Agents.

After 2 months in Arusha, it was time to move on to Zanzibar and leave Arusha with its 3 seasons in a day kind of weather. They call it winter here but it is nothing compared to the winters I know. A winter where I only need a single light sweater to feel warm isContinue reading “Arusha To Dar Es Salaam By Bus: A Tale Of A Late Bus And Untruthful Agents.”

Spotting A South African In A Foreign Country Through Popular South African Products

A few weeks ago I went out for drinks with my Tanzanian friend who I have never met but talked to her a lot online. When we met, she had other friends with her and introductions were made. Throughout our conversations, there was an accent that I recognized as South African but I wasn’t sureContinue reading “Spotting A South African In A Foreign Country Through Popular South African Products”

The Art Of Choosing The Right Bus: Traveling From Arusha To Moshi By Bus

The best experience of a city or a town is living and moving around like an average resident of that city. My movements around Arusha have been through the use of public transport and walking for shorter distances. After about a month of being in Arusha, a few days ago I took a 1 dayContinue reading “The Art Of Choosing The Right Bus: Traveling From Arusha To Moshi By Bus”

Traveling Outside South Africa And The Admin Required For A Smooth Trip

When I was planning to start traveling, the first thing I did was check my passport. It was valid for another 5 months so I called the High Commission of Tanzania in South Africa and I was advised to rather get a new passport because I was at risk of being denied entry

RwandAir: Of COVID Requirements And Cancelled Flights

A few months ago I made an impulsive decision to wrap up everything in South Africa and explore the possibility of living in different African cities. So 3 weeks ago,I finally booked my flight to Tanzania through RwandAir. Naturally that meant that I will have a connecting flight in Kigali , Rwanda. With most countriesContinue reading “RwandAir: Of COVID Requirements And Cancelled Flights”

Creating A Less Good Idea

Images: Centre for The Less Good Idea Originally published on AUGUST 05, 2019 The Centre For The Less Good Idea, located in the heart of Johannesburg is a safe interdisciplinary space that supports experimental and short form collaborative projects that don’t have a natural home in a theatre or gallery. Twice a year, artists fromContinue reading “Creating A Less Good Idea”

Storytelling Around A Digital Fire With The Roundafire App.

At this Gogo pauses as she lets the image sink in. Nuts, mealies and other farm delicacies are passed around while Gogo continues with her story. Because exploring another world requires some snacks. Excited hands shoot up as Gogo wraps up her story rousing an interesting discussion.

August House’s Open Studio

August House is flat in Johannesburg CBD that houses a significant number of visual artists and sculptors. A few times a year the artists and the management of August House open their studios to the public. The public is afforded a chance to meet the artists they follow and admire, discover new artists and buyContinue reading “August House’s Open Studio”

Visiting Chef Tefo Tshepiso Mokgoro’s Kitchen

 The emergence of social media has made it possible for me to follow and interact with some of the greatest chefs online. One such chef is Sous Chef Tefo Tshepiso Mokgoro who works at an upmarket restaurant in Sandton creating great and creative dishes.  Tefo is a multi talented creative who has put filmmaking onContinue reading “Visiting Chef Tefo Tshepiso Mokgoro’s Kitchen”