Africa Reign: Alessio La Ruffa


A man of few words who is quick to point out that he is not exactly young anymore. In my books he is young at heart and his work with “The Threaded Man”proves as much. Leading the Africa Reign Project is Alessio La Ruffa.

Alessio La Ruffa is an entrepreneur who likes telling stories through photographs. He owns a company called Visualeyes which specializes in telling visual stories for brands through photography, instagram and other social media platforms. Visualeyes offers team building services like no other company. Their photographic team walks through parts of the city encourage teams to see things that would normally go unnoticed. They capture unique and eye catching pictures that show the beauty of different parts of the city.

Alessio says he is immensely proud of Pretoria his hometown, he is involved with a number of people who have the same love for Pretoria and they are working on making it cool and relevant again. He is an instagrammer in his spare time, so he has become an explorer in his own city and has met a lot of interesting people through exploring.

Look through his pictures and you will definitely see the stories that his is telling. As African photography is on the rise I just had to include Alessio’s amazing work.

For more of Alessio’s work check out:

Instagram @alessiolr

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I am an avid traveler with a background in copywriting, social media management, art exhibition and music festival curation. I am a huge bookworm who not only enjoys getting lost in books, but I also enjoy writing on topics such as travel, art and fashion. I am interested in working in any projects relating to copywriting for small businesses, fiction writing, curating exhibitions for visual artists in Africa. I am also keen to work with small businesses in developing their social media strategies. Africa is my first love and I am currently having a great time exploring her.

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