Africa Reign: Lorraine Binie Kinnear



Lorraine Kinnear is a 22 year old University of Botswana student who has been blogging and doing photography for a little under 5 years. She cannot wait to finish her studies so she can start setting up exhibitions and travelling so she can have a more diversified portfolio. Exploring aesthetics in human beauty, places and culture is what drives her desire to one day explore every single corner of our beautiful continent through photography.

“Africa loosely explained I understand it to be an aspiration for African excellence, not just in art but throughout all industries, a will for a greater change for Africa”, she says. Lorraine feels that the current youth is a most refreshing ramble of change. She says there is a great many things we are doing, it is like we now want things in our hands. “We are more responsible for selling our culture to the rest of the world, NOW MAY OUR VOICES BE HEARD! She passionately echoes.

On her ambitions:

She say she does not think that what she has is much of an ambition, ambitions are things of the future. “I live the African Dream right now”, she says. Lorraine is constantly exploring culture in different parts of Africa and documenting all of it. One day at a time her and other creatives are mapping a world of Brilliant Brown Skins and Nappy Hairs.

Follow her work on:

Twitter: @ellekinnear92

Instagram: @lorrainekinnear92


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I don't have limits but I have principles. Vuyiso Tshabalala is a 20 something old woman with an insatiable desire to travel and acquire knowledge. An African ambassador in her own right and dubbed the "Afrikan Princess"because of her undying love for Africa and the strong passion to develop the continent and keep the African Dream alive. An entrepreneur in her own right and a serial promoter of other people's projects.

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