#SAMenswearWeek : The Positive Side Of Fashion


Everyone who knows me really well knows how much I love great initiatives that help others and spread positive messages. SA Menswear Week dished out it’s second installment last week at the Green point Stadium in Cape Town. The National Sea Rescue Institute in Collaboration with Hendrik Vermeulen and Jenny Le Roux showcased a range of stylish life jackets.


15b_SAMW_SDR_7331_NSRI_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_7368_NSRI_w387_h580


15b_SAMW_SDR_7259_NSRI_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_7135_NSRI_w386_h580


The underlying message was: “Would you wear a life jacket if it was fashionable?”. Well personally I have never had to be at sea but this is a good question to ask. Fashion as a form of art is emotive and I really love that SA Menswear Week provided a platform to really reflect and realize the importance of life jackets

15b_SAMW_SDR_7691_NSRI_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_7657_NSRI_w387_h580

Real life Sea Rescue volunteers also graced the runway in their full gear.


15b_SAMW_SDR_0817_Magents_w387_h580-horz 15b_SAMW_SDR_0632_Magents_w387_h580-horz

Magents Lifestyle Apparel has always have a strong message behind their collections. I had a word with Co-founder and Creative Director Didier about their showcase and he told me how they wanted to celebrate Akon for what he is doing for Africa, something that everyone else seems to be ignoring. “Akonscious 600″and “Bikoz we are” stood out for me.

15b_SAMW_SDR_0905_Magents_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_0930_Magents_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_1050_Magents_w387_h580

Magents is for the casual laid back gentleman who loves to feel free in his clothes and is very fashion forward. Rocking the latest and sickest kicks and fashionable Tees.

Photos from SDR Photo www.ramp.sdr.co.za


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