RwandAir: Of COVID Requirements And Cancelled Flights

A few months ago I made an impulsive decision to wrap up everything in South Africa and explore the possibility of living in different African cities. So 3 weeks ago,I finally booked my flight to Tanzania through RwandAir. Naturally that meant that I will have a connecting flight in Kigali , Rwanda. With most countriesContinue reading “RwandAir: Of COVID Requirements And Cancelled Flights”

4 May 2014: Day 5 in Namibia

On my arrival- Selfie with Loux As the hours were passing by, I started feeling sick (well at least I thought) Then I realized that it was actually the depression of having to leave my brothers and all the wonderful people that I had met during my short stay. ¬†As we were driving from theContinue reading “4 May 2014: Day 5 in Namibia”