Unilever has reaffirmed its commitment to improve the lives of millions of South African children through a new integrated brightFuture Schools Programme. The company held an exhibition at Shine Studios in partnership with the creative trio I See A Different You.The exhibition displayed portraits of young schoolchildren from Carter, Skeen, Gordon, M.C Weiler and EmfundisweniContinue reading “UNILEVER BRIGHTFUTURE INVESTS IN THE FUTURE OF SOUTH AFRICAN SCHOOLCHILDREN”

#FeesMustFall Has Made Me All Sorts Of Proud

Never in my life have I felt the fire that I have been feeling for this entire week. The students of South Africa have come together to fight escalating university fees. Man! What a time to be alive! I am so proud of the students of 2015 who have taken it upon themselves to tryContinue reading “#FeesMustFall Has Made Me All Sorts Of Proud”

American School of South Sudan

The American School of South Sudan prepares students to strive academically and grow up to be Global leaders in South Sudan.Even amidst political unrest ASOSS still carried on with their mission to educate the young children of South Sudan. Educating them not only using the American framework but also using the South Sudan framework. SiennaContinue reading “American School of South Sudan”

Unlock Foundation is set to educate Africa one rural school at a time

Unlock Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to address critical educational gaps in rural African schools.We work with teachers, students and community members on small sustainable projects that ensure students receive┬áthe best primary education possible. I spoke to Scott Karrel the founder of Unlock Foundation to find out more about this organisation. People fromContinue reading “Unlock Foundation is set to educate Africa one rural school at a time”