The world of Movie Making

On Tuesday the 18th of September I was introduced to the world of movie making on the set of a new hot series on DStv called “Lagos Vibes”. I was an extra there and I had so much fun. If you thought that being an actor or an actress is easy, think again because you will have to repeat your lines and actions until the director is satisfied, in a nutshell it’s a job like any other. The toughest attribute about acting is that you have to be absolutely convincing, they should not be a show of doubt in a viewer’s mind when watching the series, or movie. I met a couple of interesting people, like accomplished actor Anthony Oseyemi, that is one hell of a good looking guy and to top it all he is funny and likes to read. I also met Fabian Lojede who is also an accomplished actor , if you do not know him, he is Jacob’s nemesis Bola in Jacob’s Cross. I truly respect actors because they have to work hard to be convincing and deliver the best entertainment. I can’t wait for “Lagos Vibes” to hit our screens because it’s an interesting series and partly because I appear in it as well *Wink*.

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