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Road to Style Fashion Week


Style Fashion Week was established with the aim to help young and upcoming designers to enter the fashion market. Style Fashion Week is formed by New Era SA in cooperation with All Natural Media, LeadASheep and Cobru Mag just to mention a few. These organisations aim to empower the youth of South Africa

The journey to organising this fashion show began months ago and tomorrow is the day when all the hard work comes to light.


The theme of the fashion show is in line with our heritage as South Africans. This is our way of celebrating Heritage Month. The designers showcasing are expected to incorporate modern and traditional elements in their designs. We got an awesome panel of judge that includes Zinhle Mncube better known as ZeeFashionista. This is going to be a huge event and we got a lot of participant. We got poets, DJs, Singers and Rappers.




One of our performers is the ever lively Mathabatha whom I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing perform, but from what I heard I have no doubt that he is great. Zalo’lami the live band is also going to wow the crowd with their serenading music. Personally I prefer my music live.




Style Fashion Week is certainly going to make history and yes I know that everyone says that about their events or whatever but trust that this is going to make the history books. I know I know you probably thinking that I live in a dreamland, but best believe that I am a realist. I am not going to say anymore, the rest you have to come witness it yourself. I dare say that if you attend the fashion show based on what I have highlighted above then you are welcome to call me out if Style Fashion Week did not meet your expectations as raised by me.


21 September 2013
From 5pm
Marlboro South Alexandra


Boyleque South Africa


Before the 13th of September 2013, I did not know what Boylesque is and I was introduced to it on Friday the 13th when my friends and I decided to go to Maboneng Precinct for dinner

We rushed through dinner because we were told that it was a comedic show, comedic it was I laughed my lungs out through the entire show.
“BoyLesque” is a tongue in cheek variety show, which pays tribute to 1930’s and 40’s American style burlesque comedy and striptease performances, but with a twist – this revue has a distinct South African flavour. It is a fun journey through a variety of genres and styles of performance from comedy, live singing, ballet and drag, to traditional zulu dancing, vogue and of course, striptease.

Boylesque” stars gorgeous Italian siren Gabriella Cirillo, boy can she sing, she has a very unique angelic voice

Sibu Radebe
Sibu Radebe is also a cast member of Boylesque. One thing I knew for sure before I watched the show is that he dances well, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that he knows Ballet. I made a conscience decision that my daughters are going to take ballet lessons (When I get kids of course). It looked so beautiful and I think for some moments I came out of myself and actually danced


“Boylesque” began its first run at the Foxwood Theatre in February 2013 and has been running in several venues like the Sandton Theatre on the Square, POPart Theatre in the Maboneng Precinct, Cantare at Monte Casino, Casta Diva in Pretoria and the Alexander Upstairs in Cape Town.


The four cast members go through twenty two costume changes in an hour and perform hilarious renditions of iconic numbers like Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana”, Kurt Darren’s “Kaptein”, and Madonna’s “Vogue”. It definitely was an experience I tell you. I had so much fun

Absolut Fit Pop Up Store




Fashion definitely doesn’t discriminate, It has no colour, no race or any other attribute that we as a people use to highlight our differences.

On Thursday 5th of September I went to Coast Studios in Newtown and I must say that I was impressed by the amount of creativity that the designers put in their designs.

I like the Amen Couture Range, it was definitely designed with me in mind. There was one particular jersey that caught my eye. It is soft inside but outside, it is like some kind of sack. 20130905_194634
Check it out. I love it.

The OCD Augustine suit range designed by Masego Maponyane better known as “Maps” made me want to be a man. The suits are amazing. I want to get myself a blazer, but I was a little worried that I would get one small enough to fit me. ‘Maps’reminded me that the suits and blazers are custom made( Eish…Blonde moment) so I can actually get one made especially for me.

This brother rocked the best sneakers (In my Opinion)
Funny thing is I only saw these sneakers when I was going through the pictures at home (Dumb I know). How can I miss such greatness though? Anyway maybe its a blessing in disguise. I probably would have bothered the poor guy

I love the clutch bags. I need to definitely get myself one

Stylish peeps