Str Crd 2013

As of late I have decided to embrace my artistic and crazy side and that is why I have been attending all these. Nowadays I am all things fashion, music and art. On the 28th of September a friend and I took to Constitutional Hill in Hillbrow to attend Str Crd 2013 and I mustContinue reading “Str Crd 2013”

Road to Style Fashion Week

Style Fashion Week was established with the aim to help young and upcoming designers to enter the fashion market. Style Fashion Week is formed by New Era SA in cooperation with All Natural Media, LeadASheep and Cobru Mag just to mention a few. These organisations aim to empower the youth of South Africa The journeyContinue reading “Road to Style Fashion Week”

Boyleque South Africa

Before the 13th of September 2013, I did not know what Boylesque is and I was introduced to it on Friday the 13th when my friends and I decided to go to Maboneng Precinct for dinner We rushed through dinner because we were told that it was a comedic show, comedic it was I laughedContinue reading “Boyleque South Africa”