Getting My Groove Back In Botswana

Photo by: Lorraine
Photo by: Lorraine

After months and months of hard work and constant pressure,  I somewhat started losing my sanity and focus of what I set out to do. So the only way to get back on track was to take some time out, regroup and relax.

Botswana was just what I needed, being among great people and getting to explore the city of Gaborone was good for my soul. This might sound like a cliché but the moment I set foot in Botswana  I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and having vowed not to do anything work related all I did was explore the young city of Gaborone whose Central Business District is still in its early stages of development with skyscrapers being erected. I spotted some really interesting and beautiful architecture.



A taxi (what Batswana refers to as a combi) costs P3.50 to go just about anywhere around Gaborone from the Bus Station. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I didn’t have to spend the usual R12 or more for a taxi ride. I was relieved and happy that my not so loaded purse was going to survive longer than I anticipated.


20150327_110116 20150327_113925

So it turns out that my uncle who resides in Botswana has started Poultry farming and naturally I wanted to check it out. We went with the new chicks to the farm as they had orders for the grown chickens that had to be slaughtered. I had a great time feeding the little chicks and getting them used to their new home. I think I should get into farming. I bet I would be good at it. Maybe one day I will buy land and have a go at it.

20150327_104514 20150327_110056

 The Farmer’s Market

My friends from Botswana had been telling me about the Farmer’s Market so I decided to check it out at Bull ‘n Bush. The Farmer’s Market is all about music, good food, good company, food stalls, clothing stalls and loads more. Botswana is a very young county when it comes pop culture so The Farmer’s Market is still in its infancy but a much needed space for the creatives of Botswana. The space caters for fashion designers, chefs and book sellers. I tasted juice made purely from the Amarula fruit and it tasted alright. It’s an acquired taste.

Photo: Modisa
Photo: Modisa


Photo: Modisa
Photo: Modisa
Photo by: Lorraine
Photo by: Lorraine
Photo by; Lorraine
Photo by; Lorraine

Photo credit: Lorraine Binie Kinnear  check her on

Modisa Brilliant Kodie : Check him on



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