Getting My Groove Back In Botswana

Photo by: Lorraine

Photo by: Lorraine

After months and months of hard work and constant pressure,  I somewhat started losing my sanity and focus of what I set out to do. So the only way to get back on track was to take some time out, regroup and relax.

Botswana was just what I needed, being among great people and getting to explore the city of Gaborone was good for my soul. This might sound like a cliché but the moment I set foot in Botswana  I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and having vowed not to do anything work related all I did was explore the young city of Gaborone whose Central Business District is still in its early stages of development with skyscrapers being erected. I spotted some really interesting and beautiful architecture.



A taxi (what Batswana refers to as a combi) costs P3.50 to go just about anywhere around Gaborone from the Bus Station. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I didn’t have to spend the usual R12 or more for a taxi ride. I was relieved and happy that my not so loaded purse was going to survive longer than I anticipated.


20150327_110116 20150327_113925

So it turns out that my uncle who resides in Botswana has started Poultry farming and naturally I wanted to check it out. We went with the new chicks to the farm as they had orders for the grown chickens that had to be slaughtered. I had a great time feeding the little chicks and getting them used to their new home. I think I should get into farming. I bet I would be good at it. Maybe one day I will buy land and have a go at it.

20150327_104514 20150327_110056

 The Farmer’s Market

My friends from Botswana had been telling me about the Farmer’s Market so I decided to check it out at Bull ‘n Bush. The Farmer’s Market is all about music, good food, good company, food stalls, clothing stalls and loads more. Botswana is a very young county when it comes pop culture so The Farmer’s Market is still in its infancy but a much needed space for the creatives of Botswana. The space caters for fashion designers, chefs and book sellers. I tasted juice made purely from the Amarula fruit and it tasted alright. It’s an acquired taste.

Photo: Modisa

Photo: Modisa


Photo: Modisa

Photo: Modisa

Photo by: Lorraine

Photo by: Lorraine

Photo by; Lorraine

Photo by; Lorraine

Photo credit: Lorraine Binie Kinnear  check her on

Modisa Brilliant Kodie : Check him on




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I don't have limits but I have principles. Vuyiso Tshabalala is a 20 something old woman with an insatiable desire to travel and acquire knowledge. An African ambassador in her own right and dubbed the "Afrikan Princess"because of her undying love for Africa and the strong passion to develop the continent and keep the African Dream alive. An entrepreneur in her own right and a serial promoter of other people's projects.

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