Soweto Camp Festival 2015


I never ever thought that my first camping experience will be in the city. Wise people say never say never. I got to experience camping in Soweto courtesy of the organizers of the Soweto Camp Festival during the Easter weekend. I was so happy to be part of the 5th annual Soweto Camp Festival held at Lebo’s Backpackers in Phefeni Orlando West. The purpose of the camp festival is to introduce a culture of camping in Soweto and give local entrepreneur an opportunity to reach a broader market. This year a fashion show was introduced with designers like Zamaswazi. Soul Brown, Dung Beetle, bush Banger, Zola, Kasi Code & Urban Zulu showcasing.

I love how the Soweto Camp Fest organizers involved the youth in the event through leadership roles and also providing a space to showcase their talent. Games were played right through, all kinds of music was heard in the different corners of the camp. Grafitti artist also did their thing on the wall and left their mark to show how talented and creative the African youth is. My one regret is not going on the bicycle tour around Soweto, nonetheless. I would have to return to Lebo’s Backpackers for some more of Soweto. Spotted in the crowd were some of former Big Brother Africa contestants: Luis Manana & Permithias Osweb from Namibia and Mira from Mozambique. The crew seemed to enjoying comedian Smoky’s set.

I had my 5 minute stint in skating at the skate park and that was lots of fun. As a lover of music I really got serenaded by the sounds of Rockruler And the Jamgang and was really fascinated by Sintu the lady who owns the saxophone. Her performance really gave me goosebumps.I really got to do a lot of things that I have always wanted to do at the Soweto Camp Fest. Meeting people from different walks of life was one of my highlights because I got to learn new things and cemented my love for travelling even more.  I cannot wait to see what they come up with for 2016.

It’s evident from the pictures below that I had lots of fun.


Anam Xinwa

Lorraine Kinnear

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