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The Ndere Coupe Beautifully Captured At Ndere Cultural Centre in Uganda


On his recent trip to Uganda, American photographer Nadere Johnson captured dancers and performers at Ndere Cultural Centre. I absolutely love the way these dancers look in their traditional clothes and for some reason they have my heart singing songs I have never heard before yet they feel so right and so familiar. So in Spirit of Heritage Month commencing in South Africa tomorrow I would love to celebrate The Ndere Troupe. They look very beautiful in their traditional regalia and this makes me proud to be African.

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The Ndere cultural troupe is very diverse and it was founded to instill a sense of  pride towards cultural practices and to bring together the rural and the urban. Aaaah this pictures are really breath-taking and are adding and fueling my strong desire to visit East Africa.The Ndere Troupe can perform folk dances and songs from any part of Uganda.

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Date And Venue For Intwasa Fashion Show Announced

Behind the scenes models

After successfully running the 1st Edition of Intwasa Fashion Show 2014, which featured a mixed bag of models from the professionals, public figures and plus size models, Intwasa Arts Festival in Collaboration with Hunnar Management Agency, presents the second edition of the fashion show on Saturday, 26 September 2015 during the Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo. This year, the fashion show will be held at the AMTEC Showroom on RG Mugabe/12th Ave in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

The Intwasa Fashion Show will be held during the festival with 10 designers showcasing, amongst them are NOES who has showcased at platforms such as Zimbabwe Fashion Week and Clothing Indaba, Melusi Nhengu, Mosi Designs, Thembani Mubhochwa and some guest designers from South Africa. The fashion show will feature 20 models, a group of professional models and new faces.

“This year’s fashion show will have another exciting twist to it. Our Call for Models had 156 models coming through, with only 20 successfully making it through. Prior to the fashion show, we will have some workshops for people in the fashion industry as build ups to the main show that will be held at AMTEC Showroom. ” – Hunnar Agency.  This years’ fashion event had a lot of response from designers across the country and region, same goes for the models.

“Designers, just like models, need to be groomed and also they need to know how each of them benefits from one another. It is a complete business and industry which is interdependent. In the process, there is need to engage photographers, PR Personals, Bloggers, Journalists and other press in building ones brand. The workshops we will hold, will involve speakers that will highlight on different aspects of fashion and the Business of Fashion” – Hunnar Agency

Just like last year, 3 designers will be selected for an attachment with one of Zimbabwe’s Major Fashion Retailer, starting in January 2016, we will also have South Africa’s Azzura, an online store partnering with us in giving designers a platform to sell their products online. From the 12 designers that showcased last year, 6 young designers have already gone through the Edgars Young Designers Program where the designers are attached with Edgars Carousel for 3 months and get exposed to the commercial side of the business of fashion. The 6 young designers will be presenting a collaborated 25 look Summer/Spring 2016 Collection during the Intwasa Fashion Show 2015. Confirmed partners are Bulawayo Polytechnic, Azzura Online, AMTEC, SheerGlow, Hunnar Management Agency and Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo, we are yet to confirm other partners. | Twitter:HunnarAgency
                     Facebook: Hunnar Management Agency 

Press Release: Ratu International Festival


The first ever Ratu International festival will be launched in October this year in Douala, Cameroon. The festival is aimed at showcasing Cameroon fashion, movies and music. The woman behind the festival Miss Ratu Erma Olierhoek created the festival with the main goal to create opportunities for networking and to reach beyond Cameroon. The festival has attracted both international and national interest and the organizers hope to leave a lasting impression and more importantly they hope to make a difference.



For an effective event, there are three core activities to ensure a fair and consistent selection:
– Competitions to promote young designers, movie producers and musicians,
– Workshop to educate young designers, movie producers and musicians
– Exhibitions , concerts and gala to celebrate with both national and international guests
Participants in all categories are expected to submit their materials to the team via designated channels such as the website, the Facebook page and others to be announced. The selection criteria will ensure that participants are fairly evaluated and rewarded as merit. The members of the jury are high profiled professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience at both international and national levels in the fashion and entertainment industries.


10 designers will showcase their designers , 3 movies will be screened and 9 musicians will be chosen to perform.

For more info:

Ratu is available for interviews from the 10th of June 2015. We look forward to hearing from

Soweto Camp Festival 2015


I never ever thought that my first camping experience will be in the city. Wise people say never say never. I got to experience camping in Soweto courtesy of the organizers of the Soweto Camp Festival during the Easter weekend. I was so happy to be part of the 5th annual Soweto Camp Festival held at Lebo’s Backpackers in Phefeni Orlando West. The purpose of the camp festival is to introduce a culture of camping in Soweto and give local entrepreneur an opportunity to reach a broader market. This year a fashion show was introduced with designers like Zamaswazi. Soul Brown, Dung Beetle, bush Banger, Zola, Kasi Code & Urban Zulu showcasing.

I love how the Soweto Camp Fest organizers involved the youth in the event through leadership roles and also providing a space to showcase their talent. Games were played right through, all kinds of music was heard in the different corners of the camp. Grafitti artist also did their thing on the wall and left their mark to show how talented and creative the African youth is. My one regret is not going on the bicycle tour around Soweto, nonetheless. I would have to return to Lebo’s Backpackers for some more of Soweto. Spotted in the crowd were some of former Big Brother Africa contestants: Luis Manana & Permithias Osweb from Namibia and Mira from Mozambique. The crew seemed to enjoying comedian Smoky’s set.

I had my 5 minute stint in skating at the skate park and that was lots of fun. As a lover of music I really got serenaded by the sounds of Rockruler And the Jamgang and was really fascinated by Sintu the lady who owns the saxophone. Her performance really gave me goosebumps.I really got to do a lot of things that I have always wanted to do at the Soweto Camp Fest. Meeting people from different walks of life was one of my highlights because I got to learn new things and cemented my love for travelling even more.  I cannot wait to see what they come up with for 2016.

It’s evident from the pictures below that I had lots of fun.


Anam Xinwa

Lorraine Kinnear

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