Africa Reign: Leonard Ngobeni


Leonard Ngobeni is a  Multimedia /interactive and Ux Designer that studied at the University of Johannesburg. He has had the pleasure of working with different companies like The Creative Counsel, Aspire group and Quirk. His work is his hobby because he finds the process of creating and finding new ways to solve design problems fun. His photographs are eye catching, simple yet they show so much detail.

In 2013-2014 a group of friends and Leonard started a disability and social awareness campaign that aimed to educate the youth about disabilities and the different issues faced by  young people.Creating understanding of the subject of disabilities and the people that live with them was key to a great beginning at something that has the potential to be bigger then us all. He hopes that the campaign will get bigger in 2015.Being born with a disability did not stop Leonard from doing what he loves and it is safe to say that he has defied all odds. His photography work is on point.

To me Africa Reign, means that Africans need to understand that before Apartheid and Slavery there was black African history that talks about the African revolution. That talks about great African inventions that are still relevant today.


How can we as the African youth build the African Dream?

Colonialism and slavery has taught Africans to hate themselves. A lot of Africans have self-hatred that’s why we still dealing with issues such as racism, colourism and xenophobia. If we can learn to fall in love with ourselves again, we can learn to love others.

Leonard thinks that the youth is motivated, a lot of young people are trying to empower themselves by becoming creators and not just consumers. However, his  advice to those that want to be creators is to follow their dreams instead of doing what everyone is doing, because what everyone is doing was once someones dream, only they can make their dreams come true because nobody knows it better than you do.

Creativity is everything and is in everything we do, it comes in different forms, shapes and sizes. The only way to develop Africa is through collaboration across multiple platforms of creativity.

Check more of Leonard’s work on

Leonard’s Photography Work

IMG_0826 IMG_1426 IMG_1940 IMG_2047 IMG_2097 IMG_2106 IMG_2270 IMG_2273 IMG_2319 stoksweets

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