Africa Reign: Zaid Philander


Zaid is bag designer and he teaches people with disabilities and from disadvantaged communities how to create their own products within their home. Zaid started I Scream & Red a planet friendly company that creates bags made from recycled seat-belts, reused car/homestead upholstery and rejected sample fabric  books. They use natural organic cotton and materials to bind all their products. I Scream & Red trains and empowers people from previously and currently disadvantaged backgrounds with the skills to create these products and to sustain employment in order to significantly improve their lives


I do not believe that the individuals we teach have to continue working for my project, but instead, should be able to acquire their own clients and build on what they have. I do not believe in providing someone with job, but instead, I believe in helping them build their own career.

Zaid is interested in helping communities and building on the skills they have learned by giving them the advantage of learning how to start business of their own and use the skills they have in a pressure free environment. He has always been interested in the fashion sector and creating items that unite people by what they wear and allowing them to express their individuality.

I like the turbulence of the fashion industry and also the creative side that allows one to constantly work at revolutionizing the way we wear, think and express art in its most basic form. That basic form being simply clothes.

On Africa Reign:

Africa Reign: Reign means to be in power or rule. However, I believe that this is always what we have been doing. As an African and someone that is proud of where he comes from, I realize that the entire world exists off of Africa, whether we backdating to which continents were the most rich in resources or to the best of inventions. I believe that the world could not exist if it was not for Africa. So does this not mean that Africa was always on the Global throne to begin with? Sadly, ownership and everything around many periods that has passed has got people to perceive Africa as the less fortunate. I however, believe that we should be proud, for our reign has never really ended.

So when someone asks me what does Africa Reign mean to me? It means, now, it means, always have been and it means the chance to show pride and be better at any we have come to know.

Zaid believes having a united vision, having the courage and determination to want others to lead and succeed is the correct recipe for building the African Dream. He thinks working at our communications between groups is what is best to work on as most of us are doing great work, we  just need to ensure that the work we do in building that African dream is communicated to the public, among ourselves and to other leaders across the globe in order for it to work well.

On the youth helping to develop Africa Zaid thinks there are selected individuals out there that are willing to make the change and there are some who are not exposed to the opportunity or whom expects to know or experience better than that of what they are given. Part of us all as an individual is to want better and create a drive for us all. Zaid highlights that not everyone is a leader and that he thinks some may be followers and others may succeed upon the dream and will of wanting to make Africa a better place. All of us are not born leaders, but we all can build in our own capacities to develop the Africa we believe in.

Check out I Scream & Red ‘ s bag on their website and facebook page.


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