Mina Evans SS’Lookbook

Ghanaian Fashion label Mina Evans released their Spring/Summer 2015 Lookbook and it looks great. The collection was  mostly inspired by leaves and a modern African summer. I love the choice of colours and the styling is on point. For more of this amazing work check out www.mina-evans.com

Model: Benita Oyeka

Designer: Mina Evans

Make-Up Artist: Valerie Lawson

Styling: Supriya W and Afua Rida

Photographer: @amfoconnolly

10866236_863990757001665_5580917447426619193_o 11145000_863990707001670_1506663287116877340_o 11164619_863979893669418_4785104590924663847_o 11241025_863979783669429_1282990364947866593_o 11267509_863990710335003_211084614115702255_o 11416318_863979727002768_4335217599401754128_o 11667530_864346406966100_289032645016275517_n 11699003_863979830336091_5103099889733600384_o 11703428_863980017002739_8133406366907261752_o 11704821_864830230251051_5737677486993621199_n 11707976_863979827002758_6310196526251724354_o 11709859_863979780336096_7191408990947891225_o 11713921_863979957002745_7026769775901095418_o 11717401_863979897002751_4478500715115269653_o 11722149_863979680336106_8094939266217939567_o 11722178_863979740336100_4357190180376706936_o




Published by Afrikan Princess

I don't have limits but I have principles. Vuyiso Tshabalala is a 20 something old woman with an insatiable desire to travel and acquire knowledge. An African ambassador in her own right and dubbed the "Afrikan Princess"because of her undying love for Africa and the strong passion to develop the continent and keep the African Dream alive. An entrepreneur in her own right and a serial promoter of other people's projects.

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