Time Keeping With Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a watch brand that was born when founder Filip Tysander was travelling where he met a gentleman who  had a fondness of wearing vintage watches on old weathered NATO straps. Lately a number of customers and bloggers or influencers have been posting different DW watches styled in unique ways. What caught my attention about this watches is that they are straps that can be changed so if you don’t feel like wearing a colourful watch, you can change to a darker strap. Daniel Wellington is not a brand that is exclusive to one specific look or reflected style, it’s a casual yet fashion conscious and appeals to everyone.

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Daniel Wellington watches are  versatile and truly a style companion for every occasion. You can wear them for a formal dinner, a night out with friends or even on a date with someone special. I love my timeless elegant and stylish Classic Glasgow 36mm with a navy and white NATO strap women’s watch. Initially I wanted to get a men’s watch but settled for my beauty that I love so much. It is minimalistic and so familiar , I will be rocking it with different outfits and I will post the looks for your indulgence. My next buy will be a Dapper St Mawes 34mm with a leather strap and to buy yours head over to Daniel Wellington and they deliveries are quick. Mine took 5 days so you can expect yours between 5 to 7 days.


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I don't have limits but I have principles. Vuyiso Tshabalala is a 20 something old woman with an insatiable desire to travel and acquire knowledge. An African ambassador in her own right and dubbed the "Afrikan Princess"because of her undying love for Africa and the strong passion to develop the continent and keep the African Dream alive. An entrepreneur in her own right and a serial promoter of other people's projects.

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