4 Girls About Girls: A New Sanctuary For High School Girls

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4 Girls About Girls is a mentorship campaign based in Soweto which was  initiated to select a group of girls based in Protea South, North and Protea Glen . The program is designed to empower, educate and develop these ambitious girls through social development and community based projects that will build their self-esteem and self confidence as well as provide them with career assistance. The organisation has been involved in charity drives, old age home visits and fundraising events based around Soweto in collaboration with Protea South Methodist church. Currently, they are having another charity drive in Protea South and  have identified a family that they will adopt and assist on monthly bases with clothes and food parcels.The community has also provided assistance with supporting the Nhlapho family with food and clothes. Production company Velocity Afrika has also been giving donations. 


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4 Girls About Girls was founded in January 2016 by Rephethile a young woman who has a passion for children and has been doing her best to mentor 10 high school student who are part of the program. The organisation will be part of the Student Expo that will take place on the 29th and 30th of July 2016 at the Glen in Johannesburg. As program gets bigger, there will be a need for more mentors and the criteria is quite simple:

+ Demonstrates a positive attitude and acts as a positive role model
+Compassion and genuineness
+ Have sincere desire to construct, empower, develop, build a relationship with mentees
+Have the ability to be a listen and speaker when expected
+Be sensitive to people of different educational, economic, cultural and racial backgrounds
+Ability to recommend alternatives and options
+Leadership skills

+Willingness to share skills and expertise

The program is for girls who have a clear understanding of their goals, motivated and ready to work at a relationship, be open minded and always willing to learn and proactive. At the moment 4 Girls About Girls could do with an additional mentor who would assist in preparing for potential events and assisting with organizing, planning and conceptualizing to generate exciting activities to allow the girls to engage more and be active more. 4 Girls About Girls vision is to invite more girls around Soweto who believe they owe it to the community to assist and be a leader. The girls have one main goal, the goal to be better and do better than their parents, they want their parents to be proud of their achievements and future plans . They have established themselves as different to the current youth but they’ve accepted their flaws and want to let go to become somebodies in their communities.

Having suffered and lived under the oppression of abuse and violence I always isolated myself from achieving what my heart desired, I was afraid to be at my best and do best, I was so consumed by low self-esteem and lack of confidence without blaming anyone With that being said the critical point that 4 Girls About Girls is sending out is that anything is possible even beyond all the negative situations that any person is forced into, anything is possible when you stay dedicated and passionate. I want these young girls to see themselves in me and even become better at everything they do, I want them to be able to stand firm for what they believe while achieving every little goal they desire or rather aspire to achieve. I want them to be go-getters without limitations or any excuses. I want my girls to inspire their peers and be a reflection of possibilities because I believe in them.- Rephethile

If you want to get involved you can contact the organisation:

Email: 4GirlsAboutGirls@gmail.com

Facebook Page: 4 Girls About Girls

Twitter: @4GirlsAboutGilr

Cellphone: 083 507 2758


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