“Vee In Colour”, A Mood Of Sorts

“VEE IN COLOUR” is a visual project that explores colour through characteristics of human visual perception. “Vee in Colour” is a project created by three creatives who aim to investigate how the use of colour reflects people’s thinking and behaviour in a different ways. Different colours mean different things to different people, like how if you saw a group of people wearing black, you would immediately assume that they are in mourning and how wearing white is instantly connected to being peaceful.

Vee In Colour started a while back with the team exploring other colours like yellow and green and my favourite from part of the series is Vee in red. I like the styling of the high-waisted pants with a slightly over-sized shirt and a cool trench coat to come up with a cool look topped with the coolest hats. For many red screams danger but in this case it is screaming cool with a touch of old and the usual. The use of the old school red Mercedes-Benz car (I don’t know where they found one- red ones are very scarce) and the use of veggies is a super cool concept and I would have never thought to paint the traditional imbatata red or any colour for that matter, they look too cool.

Ballons, red tomatoes, red peppers and painted mealies are the new cool cool props. My favourite image is one of Vuyiswa Ntombela (the muse) holding her painted hands to her face as if she is saying ” No, don’t come any closer” or “No, angifun’ukuzwa niks”


To see more from Vee In Colour
Instagram @veeincolour
Facebook @Vee in Colour
Tumblr @veeincolour
Sipho SageSensei : Writer
Instagram :@senseisage265
Facebook :@Sipho SageSensei
Vuyiswa Ntombela :Muse//Stylist
Instagram :@vuyiswavu
Facebook :@Vuyiswa Ntombela
Sipho Zwane :Photographer //Fashion Designer 
Instagram :@_theeblaq_ele
Facebook :@Sipho Blvckelement Zwane

Published by Afrikan Princess

I am an avid traveler with a background in copywriting, social media management, art exhibition and music festival curation. I am a huge bookworm who not only enjoys getting lost in books, but I also enjoy writing on topics such as travel, art and fashion. I am interested in working in any projects relating to copywriting for small businesses, fiction writing, curating exhibitions for visual artists in Africa. I am also keen to work with small businesses in developing their social media strategies. Africa is my first love and I am currently having a great time exploring her.

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