Kitchen Vibes Restaurant In Fulfilling My West African Food Dreams


Rarely do you find places that marry food with music and art as well as Kitchen Vibes does. Kitchen Vibes is a restaurant in Morningside serving the best of West African food. A fashionable sculpture by talented sculpture artist Nkensani Rihlampfu catches your attention as soon as you step into the restaurant. The pleasant aroma of the spices cooking in the kitchen will definitely encourage you to venture further inside. On your left is the bar crowned by different and beautiful light designs complemented by green plants hanging from the ceiling creating a spectacular view. The bar overlooks the sitting area donned with chairs, tables and couches; sitting down and looking around lands your eyes on South African based Nigerian collage artist Sanusi Olatunji’s artwork. Sanusi’s head wrap artworks are collage art of some of Africa’s famous and ordinary women queening in their unique head wraps. I was impressed with the design and setup of the restaurant because it managed to bring the things that I love in a way that makes art; food and music complement each other so well.


To eat as much food as you want, I would recommend visiting Kitchen Vibes on a Sunday when they have their all you can eat buffet for just R285 per person. Of course I went on a Sunday because I wanted to eat everything on the menu and I got to try yam for the first time. My desire to eat yam was sparked by the way Nigerian authors describe yam in their books; they always made it sound like you have not lived if you have never tried yam. The yam porridge at Kitchen Vibes has a few spices and small meaty pieces that make it delicious; I don’t know if that is how yam porridge is generally made but I really love the way Kitchen Vibes made it. My usual orders at any West African restaurant are jollof rice and egusi and since I had my first taste of jollof rice I have been going to other Nigerian restaurants trying to match that perfect jollof rice and I am happy to say that Kitchen Vibes’ jollof is great and could almost match it. Instead of semolina I opted for pounded yam; I am not entirely sure how to the taste but it sure takes some getting used to. Will I try it again? I definitely will.


As you enjoy your meal and company, Afrobeatz will have you bobbing your head and moving your feet while the delicious food moves swiftly down your throat. The music is loud enough for you to enjoy and pleasantly low enough for you to chat about. Kitchen Vibes is a family friendly, little ones can be seen enjoying their meals in the company of their parents. The added beauty of being at Kitchen Vibes is how beautiful the patrons are as they converse in their different African Languages with some wearing their traditional clothes in their entirety or in bits and pieces. Another cool thing about Kitchen Vibes is that they always have cool events happening throughout each month.


Kitchen Vibes is located at number 255 Rivonia Road The Wedge Shopping Centre Morningside.

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