Kitchen Vibes Restaurant In Fulfilling My West African Food Dreams

Rarely do you find places that marry food with music and art as well as Kitchen Vibes does. Kitchen Vibes is a restaurant in Morningside serving the best of West African food. A fashionable sculpture by talented sculpture artist Nkensani Rihlampfu catches your attention as soon as you step into the restaurant. The pleasant aromaContinue reading “Kitchen Vibes Restaurant In Fulfilling My West African Food Dreams”

Africa Reign: Tiaan Shutte

Tiaan Schutte founded Creative Revolt in 2012 as a platform to empower local young designers and creatives. Creative Revolt sources designers of fashion, art and furniture. Tiaan funded this project entirely on his own and he hopes to eventually include designers from other African countries and he made a consious decision to not include anyContinue reading “Africa Reign: Tiaan Shutte”