2ManySiblings The Creative Duo

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Papa Petit and Velma

2manysiblings is a duo composition of brother & sister  ,Velma Rossa and Papa Petit who are style and art enthusiasts from East Africa, Kenya. I caught up with them to discuss a few things, so get to know them better below.

What or who is 2manysiblings?

Velma Rossa: 2manysiblings is a creative duo. Consisting  of my brother and I, Papa Petit, respectively. We are art, photography, fashion and style enthusiasts. Our aim is to incorporate all these elements in the images we produce.



How did the name 2manysiblings come about?

Papa Petit: The name 2MS basically came out of word play and our life’s experiences as we grew up. As kids we were inseparable we almost did everything together. We specifically enjoyed dressing up for Sunday service as it gave us a chance to wear our best outfits. So we knew we had to use our bond when coming up with the name.Initially we thought of 2siblings but we ended up adding “many” to give it a cool word play twist , people loved the name and it stuck.

What is your personal style?

Velma Rossa: boho/Afro-high street!   
Papa petit: dandy/ afro punk with poise of a pan African leader.
How far do you see 2manysiblings going as a brand?
Velma Rossa: That is a loaded question but as creative people we really don’t have limits and we indulge in anything that feeds out creative sensibilities. Recently we have found love in architecture and interior decor which has opened more opportunities for us. ….as a brand,international recognition is key.Doing an international creative collaboration  would be ridiculously amazing.
Papa Petit
What is your vision?
Papa Petit: Our vision is to have a positive impact on the urban youth creatively and change the world’s misconception of Africa.
What is your take on African fashion?
 Papa Petit: We really believe it’s a renaissance period in Africa. There is a group of uber cool, enthusiatic and young people who are really influencing the fashion industry not only in Africa but the world. Fashion designers, fashion journalists,Photographers, bloggers….. . All these people are all contributing towards the growth of African fashion. It’s important  that we support each other and grow collectively as the world’s eye is on Africa.
If you can be in any part of the world without limits, where would you go?
Velma Rossa: 1960’s London. 
 Papa Petit. Nigeria during Fela kuti”s  peak years
Your favourite music:
Velma Rossa: Future Bass with a hint of Afro-beat(& James Blake humming somewhere in the background). 
Papa Petit. Currently listening to Kenyan bands Sauti sol and Just a band.
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Papa Petit
Favourite Food:
Velma Rossa: I wish it were possible to solely exist on chocolate fudge cake! .
Papa Petit : Cooked bananas and groundnut sauce always works for me.
Your daily routine:
Velma Rossa :each day is different on busy days I’m sourcing clothes & assisting on set shoots…then attending art exhibitions in the evenings.Slow days have me trawling style.com for latest fashion news & trend!
Papa Petit: I usually wake up for a morning jog in the park. Depending on the day… I usually do research or in the city sourcing clothes for clients.
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If you are interested in what they do, you can get in touch with them on their blog http://www.2manysiblings.tumblr.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/2manysiblings




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