Roaming the streets of Durban

7 June marked my 23 years of existence in this world, so to celebrate I took to Durban to spend the weekend exploring with my friends. 2014 is a year of a lot of first times for me so it was really exciting for me to be in Durban for the first time. We spent the whole day roaming around Durban central, being shown some nice  things.

During the tour I came across two separate female dance groups dancing for the crowds that were eagerly watching on. These girls were between 11-16 years old and from what I understand they were fundraising. It was fun watching them and it was funnier when they approached the members of the audience and danced for them (or rather challenged them). The idea is that when one of the girls places a headband on your head, she will then dance for you, you will then have to tip her.

Some audience members took on their heels as they saw the girls approaching because they did not want the attention of being singled out. It was really fun. Then came on a comedian who was  like a pregnant woman, he was hilarious though.

We saw a group of vintage loving people who were dressed to the T and they looked great , they reminded me of Braamfontein during the weekend. Even though they were shy we managed to convince them to take a picture


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Shot by: Vuyiso Tshabalala

Sandy Nene

Mosa Storm

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