Eyeing greener pastures: Njotu Denzel

Ever since he was a kid Denzel has always wanted to be a super model but he never thought that it would be possible until a good friend urged him to give it a try. He joined a modeling agency that contributed towards helping him get in touch with the right people and that is where he had the chance to work with Kibonen Nfi a talented Cameroonian designer and photographer William Nsai who he says single-handedly changed the game and took his career to a whole new level. Moving to Johannesburg is in his immediate plans for 2015, he thinks of Johannesburg as one of Africa’s largest fashion cities and he believes that he will have a better chance of advancing his career as the fashion industry in Cameroon is still in its infancy.


I caught up with Denzel to discuss fashion and other things.

Q:What do u think about African fashion?

A: For me its a beauty of it own kind, a kind that will leave a signature behind for the rest of the world to see.

Q: How would you describe Cameroon to someone who has never been there?
A:Is one of the few countries in Africa that enjoys relatively high
political and social stability well because it has permitted the development of agriculture, roads, railways, and large petroleum and timber industries, also the streets are clean and safe for the common man. We Cameroonians also enjoy a high diversity with the ability of speaking two Languages which is French and English

Q:Your favourite African city, and why is it your favourite?

A: Limbe is my Favourite African city for so many reasons, first it’s my birth place and secondly is a small, clean, peaceful and tourist city with so much to see and places to visit.

Q:Which designer do u want to walk for?

A:Lol I love the question but I think I have two in mind which will be David Tlale and John Galliano

Q:What is your favourite hang out spot?

A: The beach, I grew up in a coastal city so am guessing that’s the reason why I find the beach more relaxing .

Q:How is the modelling industry in Cameroon?  

A:Is a young but fast growing industry, the truth is the Cameroon fashion Industry seems to have been sleeping or have been in a paused mode in the past years but lately it seems to be alive again and the beautiful part is that there are more young people with great initiatives which look very promising. I see Cameroon as Africa’s next fashion destination.

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Favourite music

Hip Hop, Afro Beatz, RnB and Makossa

Favourite food

Potato Hotpot

Dream holiday destination

Hahahahahaha Wow! that’s complicated because I have so many dream holiday destinations and every one of them will depend on the present situation that means if am going alone, with Family, a Lover or friends Yeah that’s it






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