Africa Fashion Week Nigeria Media Brunch


Last week Thursday the 29th of January Africa Fashion Week Nigeria hosted the media to presentations and brunch at Aramis in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria. Africa fashion Week Nigeria was founded by Ms Ronke Ademiluyi, who is also the founder of Africa Fashion Week London and produced by Sola Oyebade of Mahogany productions.

The Media brunch hosted by AFWN not only had presentation from the organizers, but also presentation from fashion designers. Designer brands that presented include Adebayo Jones, King Hakbal, Marco Martinez, Souza Fashions, J Reason, Asakeoge, Aluba Couture, Lines By Chaab, Ovem Fashion, Omaemihe.

These highly talented designers are not just creative beings; they are also academics who take their work seriously. It seems that their designs and style have the aim of achieving individuality for their clients in common. Their designs are a hybrid of western inspiration and Africa, you can never miss the evident indigenous African culture embodied in them. Africa Fashion Week Nigeria promises to be a sight to see with designs that cater for everyone, from teenagers, women and men. The presence of street wear brands will prove popular to the youth who love keeping up with global trends. Lines By Chaab is dedicated to appreciating the curves of the everyday woman while paying attention to detail. It is refreshing to see African fashion appreciating curvaceous women and actually having them on the runway, after all fashion is for everyone.


And of course at any fashion event, there should be models. Some of Nigeria’s top models attended the brunch draped in some of the fashion designer’s garments. I am excited to see what the main event will produce.

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Photos of some of the attendants

DSC_0172 DSC_0098 10968355_975791365773976_7904656767891013057_n 10959308_975791535773959_1731179599630139306_n 10499485_819966404735776_1508742746200112810_o 10441274_975791979107248_8674405655934985408_n

Photo credit: Africa Fashion Week Nigeria







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