4 May 2014: Day 5 in Namibia


On my arrival- Selfie with Loux

As the hours were passing by, I started feeling sick (well at least I thought) Then I realized that it was actually the depression of having to leave my brothers and all the wonderful people that I had met during my short stay.  As we were driving from the coast to the airport, I could feel my tears nearing and I was not so jovial anymore. The thought of leaving this beautiful land really bothered me and the fact that I had made so many connections who felt like my siblings.

Tensions were high as we finally made it to the airport. I wanted to scream and hang on to one of my brother’s leg and refuse to move ( It took me back to my first day at school, holding on to my uncle and not wanting to let go) I had to be a big girl though and smile for a selfie.


With Loux and Mario at Hosea Kutako International Airport

Note: The difference in my smile between the two selfies. The last one is sad and silently begging God to make this day longer. In the plane coming back I sat next to an amazing Namibian woman who kept me company and gave me pointers on places to visit next. Big up to all the Namibian who directly and indirectly made my stay super awesome

So long Namibia, I shall be seeing you soon


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