Africa Reign: Sophie and Louise Kanza

Sophie and Louise founded the  Sophie A Kanza foundation, a self-funded charity organization. They came up with the concept #CandyCraftDays and rolled it out into sincere charity organizations and no fee day care centers that had little to no government funding in and around Johannesburg. They buy bulk of sweets and packaging for events  A few friends (all currently under the age of 25) collect theContinue reading “Africa Reign: Sophie and Louise Kanza”

Hospie Toys: Fund Raising Fashion Show

On the 9th of November I attended a fashion show with a difference. It was held at the Hillbrow Theatre and the aim behind it was to raise funds in order to buy toys and children’s books for kids who spend the holidays in hospitals.   The show started off with some contemporary dance The MCsContinue reading “Hospie Toys: Fund Raising Fashion Show”