3 May 2014: Day 4 in Namibia


Saturday morning started with a bit of Praise and Worship at our Bungalow as we eagerly awaited the NAMAs 2014 main awards. The ever bubbly Mc Bright led all the songs which where mostly South African gospel songs and even though he did not know some words he sang on with all his heart. It was evident that he was really enjoying the song and when he told me that he was part of the Praise and worship team at church, I believed him. It is amazing  how much South African music has influence in Namibia, the even had a Kwaito category in the awards and it was stated that, Kwaito is adopted from South Africa

DSC_0512 DSC_0516

Posing and being goofy at the Shopping centre

So after a great morning of spiritual connections we set off to roam around the shopping centre and then headed to the beach . For a girl who cannot swim I sure love water, that is mostly because water calms me down. Maybe I should learn how to swim (It is long overdue)


Posing- MC Bright photo bombing my pic.


Stylish boys.- Mc Bright, Francois & Mario They are such troopers- Love them


Sand-witched by a model Mario & Designer Mc Bright. What more can a girl ask for?


The view from up


Mario just had to come in

So after a day of tanning ( I couldn’t resist) We headed to our bungalow to braai some meet.  At this stage I was in serious panic because if I did not want to miss my flight , I would have had to miss the NAMAs. Because Namibia has such helpful people , my friend Loux and one of the organizers of the NAMAs called his contacts at the airport and got me upgraded to business class. I have never came across such a helpful people in my life and that is why Namibia will always have a special place in my heart.

Since, the crisis was taken care off, all was left for me to do was enjoy the day and indulge in some meat (Food again? ) Being among stylish and dapper gentlemen has its pecks. It gave me room to shine and stand out since I was the only lady in the group.


King Gee, Mario, Francois, Nafis & Mc Bright


Mario dressed by Loux & Mc Bright dressed by Himself


Deon dressed by Loux


My Brothers and I

Lukas, Loux, Vuyiso

(Pic by Cameron Kat)


Loux & Vuyiso

(Pic by Cameron Kat)


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